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The Khilafah will Secure People of the World from Nuclear Destruction

Hizb ut-Tahrir Wilayah Pakistan has issued a Publicized Policy Position (PPP) regarding the subject of nuclear weapons, their proliferation and global disarmament.

Weapons technology has reached the stage where there are weapons of such power that do not merely subdue the army of a nation, but are capable of destroying the nation itself. They are conceived as Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) capable of destroying cities and countries and poisoning the earth with radiation, chemicals or micro-organisms for decades. They are of such capability that they are conceived of complete destruction of both warring nations, Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). They not only exist in our day, they are possessed by nations who care not for the peoples of the world but seek only to ensure their control of the world’s resources. It is this scenario that faces the Khilafah upon its establishment, because Pakistan which can be the nucleus of the Khilafah, or part of it, possesses nuclear weapons. Thus the Khilafah’s position regarding nuclear weaponry extends way beyond the narrow considerations of a hostile Hindu state as a neighbor. Its vision extends to the broad horizon of being the role model and leading state for all of humankind.

Accordingly, the Khilafah as a nuclear power must be able to deter all hostile states, not just India, from their evil designs, by having missile delivery systems that are able to reach them. Regarding capacity building by annexation of the Muslim states as a single global power, the Khilafah’s nuclear capability will act as a shield for all the vast territories of the Muslims. The Khilafah will thus abolish the destructive dependence upon America, which has led to both an American Raj in Pakistan and our subjugation before India, and instead the Khilafah will embark on directly challenging American regional and global interests, in order to replace America as the world’s leading state. Moreover whilst possessing nuclear weapons as long as hostile nations possess them, as a responsible state for all humankind, the Khilafah will lead the call for global nuclear disarmament that is verifiable in order to end this threat to the welfare of humankind.

Note: To see the complete policy and relevant articles of the constitution for the Khilafah state, please go to this web link.

The Media Office of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Wilayah of Pakistan

Monday 3rd Rajab 1434 AH

13/05/2013 CE

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