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The Imams Scandal in Sweden: An Existential Crisis of Democracy

In May this year, the Swedish Intelligence Service arrested six Muslims, including four imams, who were held in custody by the Swedish Immigration Service under the Special Aliens Inspection Act, on the grounds that they posed a threat to the security of the Kingdom of Sweden. The High Court of Immigration issued its decision at the beginning of summer to expel the six Muslims. The government received the file at the end of summer after the six Muslims appealed, but its decision was issued at the end of October to expel all of them from Sweden. The six Muslims were then released within a week of the government’s decision because the expulsion was not currently enforced.

The six Muslims remained in detention for up to six months without knowing the reason. The Swedish secret service acted secretly as usual, and now, the government has taken its decision without giving way to the six Muslims to know the charges against them or to be able to defend themselves against the accusations! The Supreme Court of Migration stated that “the investigation in the case received by the court is not very specific with regard to the activity attributed to so and so person.”

One might think this is happening in a police state, such as Syria or Egypt, where people are sentenced without a fair trial and denied their basic rights. This is not to happen in Sweden, which boasts human rights and the rule of law!

Anne Ramberg, secretary-general of the Swedish Bar Association, criticized the process by saying: “Swedish intelligence must be able to take action against individuals, who pose a threat to the country, but in this case the rule of law and transparency are non-existent, evidence requirements are very low. The matter as it is now is very unclear… We must remember that it is a matter of confidence in the whole system.” This is the essence of the issue: confidence in the system.

Western governments have used terrorism as a pretext since 9/11 to violate people’s rights and even to destroy them and to violate their private lives through eavesdropping and using methods reminiscent of the Soviet Union’s methods.

The farce is still going on. Even the authorities who made the expulsion decisions have not seen all the documents held by the Swedish intelligence! The High Court of Migration, which has taken the decision to expel in its opinion, concedes that there is insufficient information in this case. Some have tried to justify this by saying that the work of the Swedish intelligence is confidential. But is Sweden a constitutional state or a police state? This development will affect all residents of Sweden, not just Muslims. Muslims today are the victims of this fateful development of events, but it will reach tomorrow the street man. Therefore, being negative about it is not a good decision!

Even if we turn a blind eye to the government’s decision to expel, on which the government provides no evidence to the people, it needs to be known that the six Muslims are not guilty of any crime and their expulsion has not been justified. Despite the dubious allegations that these six Muslims are extremist or sympathetic (or were sympathetic) to ISIS, then this in itself is not a crime in Sweden. “Holding extremist ideas is not banned,” the Swedish intelligence chief said in the August 29 news bulletin.

Freedom of expression is a core for Sweden, but when it comes to Muslims, Sweden is destroying this freedom and other freedoms in order to “discipline Muslims”… The situation has now worsened after enthusiastic politicians intervened to demand the indefinite imprisonment of the six Muslims and their expulsion to places where they would be subjected to torture and death.

The enthusiastic supporters of the expulsion of the six Muslims are similar in their enthusiasm to Arabs pre-Islam when they used to make their gods out of dates, then when they became hungry, they ate their gods! It seems that the trampling on the secular sacred cows (or rather mass slaughtering them hastily) has become a contender for everyone today, a party that welcomes everyone. People used to perceive secular democracy as a haven and a compassionate heart, then suddenly, this compassionate mother reveals her tusks of vampires and attacks the weak masses in society.

Muslims are not blind and can detect manipulation and intimidation. We know that the six Muslims have been subjected to this treatment only because they are Muslims. This is not new, as Islam and Muslims are constantly under attack, and this is only because secularists lack evidence to refute Islam. Instead, they are trying to break up the will of Muslims and break the trust in Islam. But Islam is dear to Muslims and they will refuse to submit. Muslims are proud of Islam and will not replace their Islamic values with secular values that fuel racism and tyranny!


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Scandinavia

Tuesday, 15th Rabii’ I 1441 AH

12/11/2019 CE

No.: 1441 / 03