Political Concepts

The ideological state is the only type of state that does not submit to foreign outside pressure

Al-Hayaat newspaper published on 03/08/2013 news under the title: ‘The Egyptian foreign minister reiterates that there will be no submission to any foreign pressure’. In the article the newspaper quoted the spokesman of the Egyptian foreign ministry who said: ‘The minister has indicated that the Egyptian government has no problem receiving the foreign delegations and listening to the opinions and points of view. However the final decision in regards to that which relates to the internal situation naturally rests in the hands of the Egyptian government alone. It will be taken in accordance to the will of the people and the highest considerations of the interests of the land, its national security, the security of its citizens and in line with combating acts of instigation, violence and terrorism’.


The Foreign minister of the government that was produced from the coup is attempting to present himself and the government as if they are the real decision makers. As such he is singing this tune that is saying that the decisions are in our hands and that we do not submit to any foreign outside pressure. He is therefore trying to present himself with and image that is quite contrary to the true reality. One president has gone and another came, a revolution happened and one political party was removed whilst another cam to fill its place. Then a movement came against a group that was in the rule and another group came however the true reality regretfully is that we are still orbiting around the very same sphere that places the land and its servants under the hold of the enemy of the Ummah, the number one state of disbelief (Kufr) and tyranny which is America. It is not possible to deny this blatantly clear reality as it is like trying to cover the sun with a screen or like the foreign minister who was born in America and was the former Egyptian ambassador in Washington trying to convince us that the situation is not like that when he claims that the final decision in regards to the internal affairs of Egypt rest solely in the hands of the Egyptian government.

By saying the above we do not intend to give the understanding that it is not possible for a state to have independence in its decision making or to escape from submitting to foreign outside pressure and that this is extremely difficult to achieve or a million miles away from being realised. Rather it is an easy matter which is easy to be realised in the reality however this requires an ideological state and real statesmen that embody this ideology within themselves. This is not fulfilled and present in the current Egyptian State, not now and not in the decades that have preceded, and especially not since the ideological Islamic State was destroyed in the year 1924. Just as the attribute and characteristic of ideological statesmen does not exist amongst those men who are currently in the position of ruling in Egypt. All of them have been raised upon the western pragmatic idea, upon the idea that the ends justify the means or the statement that: ‘Politics is the art of possibilities’, or upon the principles of ‘take what you can get’ and ‘If you can’t achieve everything then accept what you can’, amongst other principles that have been taken as pretexts and justifications to make compromises.

So if we really want to possess a state that has a say in the world stage, that solves its problems by its own hand without seeking assistance from others and especially if those others are enemies, then it is essential to firstly strive to build an ideological state that is based upon a rational belief from which a system of life emanates that manages and organises its affairs. And this State in relation to us is none other than the Islamic Khilafah that is based upon the Islamic Aqueedah, the Aqueedah of the people of Egypt and that which formed the basis of the civilisation and history of the land for more than 13 centuries. So if we establish this state upon this ideological basis where its politics was powerful then the real statesmen would emerge who are capable of leading the State and capable of cutting the hand of any foreign interference in the affairs of our State and our Ummah.

So what is there for us except for the Khilafah and except for a Khaleefah as a guard behind which we will fight and be protected by! So that the cursed hand of America which is behind every suffering that the Islamic Ummah suffers in every part of its parts will be severed.

وَيَقُولُونَ مَتَى هُوَ قُلْ عَسَى أَن يَكُونَ قَرِيبًا

“They will shake their heads at you and ask, ‘When will it happen?’ Say: ‘It may well be that it is very near.'”

(Al Israa, 17:51)