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The Hijab Should Not Be Abused

During his response speech against the statements of Fikri Saglar from CHP, President Erdogan said “in order to gain votes during elections, we saw some head scarfed women like show window dummies at some places among you. This won’t deceive people and doesn’t work anymore.” (Agencies)


Even though the Hijab is a component of Islam’s Ahkaam, the Hijab intolerance of disbelievers is commonly known. Although the place and time have changed, Hijab intolerance, which began with the attack of the infidels in Medina, has always existed until today. The centre of hijab oppression has sometimes been during the 60’s of Turkey, sometimes England, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany… and sometimes the oppressions showed up in Azerbaijan, Tunisia, Tajikistan, Chechnya, the Balkans and still continues. However, the issue of hijab has been the actual reflection of hatred against Islam.

Is it because of the AKP government’s commitment to the commandments of Allah that the hijab usage is free compared to past in a public area or the efforts in order to solve the hijab issue despite no any legal regulation? Surely not! if they really obeyed the commandments of Allah, they:

They would not cooperate with the infidels, would not make them friends, and would end all existing agreements.

And they would forbid all that Allah had forbidden.

They would follow Allah’s obligations without any exception.

O Rulers! If you were sincere to Islam, you would be striving to fully apply the provisions of Allah to life. Unfortunately, you have never been sincere about the provisions of Islam. Turkey itself, where the Harams rampant, is the greatest proof of this.

Dear brothers! Every time there is a discussion on hijab, and the topic of hijab is immediately associated with democratic rights by some lovers of democracy and secularism. Hijab is not a democratic right or a Freedom. On the contrary, it is a duty to worship Allah. And servitude is not freedom, nor is it truth. On the contrary, it is a dedication to Allah. It is to live for Allah. The headscarf provision must be fulfilled in all conditions and in all environments. The hijab is the honour of the Islamic Ummah, as it is the obligation for the Muslim women.

It must not be forgotten that a Muslim man had executed one of the Jewish because he pulled out the hijab of a woman. In response, they killed the Muslim. On this occasion, Prophet Mohammed ﷺ declared war. The meaning in Islam of Hijab and its value is this.

The hijab is neither a display case ornament nor a woman’s ornamental material.

The hijab is not worthless enough to be the polemical material of those who have built their politics for your lies and interests.

The hijab is not simple enough to make your dirty politics the subject of abuse.

The hijab is not something incidental.

It is our honour that in our glorious history we have moved armies for.

The hijab is not a democratic right, but rather the provision of Allah.

The hijab is the strength, resilience and sincerity of our sisters who were martyred for not opening their heads and not showing them to the foreigners.

The hijab is the legacy of the Fatima (ra) who said, “When I die, let no any foreigner see my body, bury me at night for him.”

The hijab is a verse and assumption obliged for our women.

The hijab is not an element that will be sacrificed as a result of pressure; it is not an issue which will detach from its original with the fashion. Both the hijab and other provisions of Islam are part of the Islamic Sharia and have been sent by our Lord to be applied. It is only the Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) state that will apply the Islamic Sharia as a whole with all its regulations and provisions like Ibadah, Muamalah, and Uqubaat.


Abdullah İmamoğlu