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The Failed Propaganda of Feminism in Muslims Lands

The Women’s March 2018 action, which was held starting from 3 March 2018 in Jakarta and continued in other major cities, carries the anti-mainstream issues challenging the common sense of the Indonesian people which is dominated by Islamic religiosity. Sarcastic posters were seen on that action, “my body my authority”, “let being kafir, as long as you are think!”, and “My awrah is NOT your business! Stop sexual harassment!” these posters are indeed seen to defend women’s rights, but also strongly tend to blame Islam and its Sharia.

This is the second-year the Indonesian Women National Commission held this march following the direction of UN Women to disseminate campaign EVAW (End Violence Against Women) on international women’s day. One of political target of this campaign is urging the House of Representatives to advance in the discussion of the Sexual Violence Removal (PKS) Bill which since 2016 entered national legislation program. The stigmatization of Islamic law is very strong in Article 7 Sexual Control Sub. Sexual control in question is the coercion of using or not using a particular clothing. Anyone will understand if this verse is addressed to the provisions of Islamic sharia that are considered to force women dress according to a certain identity. (source)


It seems that feminism global campaign which has been running for years is difficult to reap success especially in the Muslim world; therefore, they (feminists) are taking a legal struggle. But the legislation of these gender issue in Indonesia will certainly face a steep path due to Muslim resistance, just like the fate of the Gender Equality Bill in 2012 which until now is no longer reported. Not much different, the fate of this PKS Bill may be the same, because this draft clearly contains the value that criminalizes the Islamic Sharia because it’s regarded as discriminatory teachings against women. Let’s discuss more substantially. These women activists are clearly not only misguided but also ‘failed to understand’ the problem of violence against women in Muslim countries.

Their first failure is the campaign substance itself which clearly contains a paradox in these issues. They should be aware of the problems against women in Indonesia, precisely these that stem from freedom idea of pursuing selfish desires, and this has generated societies where women’s dignity and safety have become primary casualties. It is a very contrast paradox between calling for respect for women and celebrating liberal freedoms that place individualistic whims and desires as the standard of right and wrong.

Second failure is the failed solution which is parroted by the movement of feminism in the West. The West itself is truly a major importer of women’s problem into Muslims countries and also the ringleader for liberal society creation which is insecure for women. Top ten countries with highest rape crime against women are dominated by North American and Europe countries. The women’s march campaign also imported anti-religious attitudes from Western countries, even copycat in blaming Islam on behalf of women as victims. Their campaign is very tendentious because they tried to place Islam as a source of violence and discrimination against women. This logic is not only misconceived but also misleading and shows their ignorance of Islamic teachings.

The propaganda of feminists through the PKS bill is no more than a failed propaganda and only a cheap opinion theater institutionalized by global agencies and Western-sponsored liberal media networks. They are more concerned to accuse Islam rather than improving the fate of MILLIONS of female Indonesian workers abroad. They are also more interested about attacking Islamic sharia rather than the plight of Indonesian children abandoned by their mothers abroad.

For Muslim countries, like Indonesia, Islam should always become primary inspiration for solving problems in society, including women’s problem. Only Islam who appreciates the great value and heavy responsibility ascribed to safeguarding the dignity of women, obliging men to sacrifice their life to defend their honour. And it is Allah’s system alone, the Khilafah, that offers a clear strategy to protect their dignity within society through values and laws that complement each other in achieving this outcome. It is a state that rejects capitalist and liberal principles, promoting instead taqwa and the Islamic view towards women through its education, media, and political system, shaped upon the Prophet’s ﷺ saying: «إنما النساء شقائق الرجال ما أكرمهن إلا كريم وما أهانهن إلا لئيم» “Women are the twin halves of men. None but a noble man treats women in an honorable manner, and none but an ignorant treats women disgracefully.”


Fika Komara

Member of Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir