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The events in Palestine are more than criminal

 The following is a translation from an Arabic leaflet.

The events in Palestine are more than criminal, even scandalous. Is there not among you of those competing in evil, a wise man?

Is it not criminal that Fatah with which the people had hopes of liberating the whole of Palestine has ended up ruling the Western strip under occupation, and it has no wherewithal, neither authority and nor sovereignty. Yet it is shamelessly celebrating, singing and praising itself for having banished Hamas and its militias from the lands under the Palestinian Authority, while its duty was to prevent the Zionist forces from entering, parading and marching through the streets of the Palestinian lands!

Again, is it not criminal that Hamas with which the people had hopes of liberating the entire Palestine has ended up ruling Gaza under occupation, and it has no wherewithal, neither authority and nor sovereignty. Yet it is thanking Allah that it has freed Gaza from Fatah and its militias, while it should have liberated Gaza from the authority of the Zionists and their policies that have seized Gaza from its neck day in and day out!

It is not a crime that these two parties have ‘achieved' what the Zionist entity failed to achieve? These both parties have clearly and unequivocally announced the bifurcation of Gaza and the West bank not merely in words but in deed and in practice?

Again is it not a disgraceful scam that the very same parties who had falsely claimed to have stood up to protect the blood of the Palestinians, are responsible for shedding the blood of the innocent Palestinians?

Oh Muslims!

It is evident for any one with his eyes open that the Makkah agreement laid the trap for Hamas to enter electoral politics and a victory was (arranged) for it, whereby it surrendered to rule the land while it was still under occupation and Hamas took the bait. The purpose of the bait was to associate the Islamists with the secularists in accepting the international resolutions regarding Palestine. All of these resolutions recognise the Zionist State in the lands occupied since 1948 C.E and the dispute is reduced to those lands only that were occupied in 1967 C.E! They seek to gain acceptance of the Palestinian people, the Islamists and the secularists, as they claim. All the Palestine factions have accepted these resolutions without any reservation, except the Islamic Jihad, which has totally rejected these while the Peoples' Front has rejected them partially.

The Makkah announcement (February 2007 C.E) of the agreement was merely a reiteration of the October 1988 C.E agreement announcement made by the Fatah led P.L.O in which it had agreed that the Palestinian dispute is basically centered upon the lands occupied in 1967 C.E. At that instance, the agreement was signed by the secularists, it was therefore imperative that it was ratified by the so-called Islamists as well, and this was achieved by the Makkah agreement, ground for which was prepared by the bloodshed between Fatah and Hamas just prior to the ‘Makkah announcement'. The gullible and credulous Palestinians thought of this agreement that it was aimed at ceasing the bloodshed, without realising the political aims it sought to achieve. Anyone who had his eyes open to the events could clearly have seen that Hamas' entry into governance meant two authorities in power: One for the government, and another for the Palestinian Authority. The aim of this exercise was to have two competing partners of equal strengths: the secularists and the Islamists; while the US and the Zionist entity did not desire any more roles for Hamas other than this signing ceremony! They wanted to weaken Hamas's strength in the P.L.O by slightly modifying the Palestinian structure but without disturbing its core, which is the Palestinian Authority, despite the fact that Europe and especially Britain wanted Hamas to have an effective role in the government that it led.

To the People of Palestine, the weak point of Fatah was its hunger for power above all else, while swathe perception of Hamas was different. Therefore the plan was to associate Hamas with Fatah in ruling in order to change the people's perception about Hamas – characterizing it as also being power-hungry. Having achieved this, they aimed to ease out Hamas from government and have just one power centre and then weaken Hamas within the Liberation Movement such that the people will not regret Hamas' exit as by now they would have realised that Hamas was no different from Fatah in its lust for power!

Oh Muslims! Oh people of Palestine!

The kuffar colonialists are prepared to achieve their goals even if they have to craft a heated crises leading to bloodshed or even worse! This is how the pattern hitherto has been; the earlier bloodshed between Hamas and Fatah was to prepare ground for the ‘Makkah agreement', wherein the people saw the signing of the agreement as a respite from the ongoing bloodshed, while they ignored the political tragedy behind the cover. During the recent fighting between Fatah and Hamas, a handful of Fatah-controlled militias provoked Hamas in Gaza, which it failed to deal with patience and restraint and thus expose the Fatah conspiracy to the people, rather Hamas fought back vehemently resulting in killing and spilling of blood, which did not spare children, women or even aged men and properties were destroyed. It was as if during this horrible slaughter, they had either forgotten or simply ignored the hadith of the Prophet (saw) narrated by Abdullah ibn Amr:

"The falling of the entire world is lighter to Allah (swt) than the killing of a single Muslim."
This has reported by Tirmidhi, Nasai and ibn Majah, the above narration is from Tirmidhi.

Hamas's lack of political acumen coupled with its reclusion has been responsible for bringing one crisis after another and resulted in spilling of innocent Muslim blood in these hostilities. Yet they are under the impression that they have achieved good results and even thanking Allah (swt) for it!

It has now achieved control over Gaza and it has its own government there, while the Fatah-led Authority is similarly placed in the West Bank. They are both competing in evil clashes, which whether short-lived or extended in time, either way they serve the interest of the Zionists who intend to tear apart whatever is left of Palestine. The Zionists want to carve a barrier of hatred and hostility between the Palestinians through such killings. Could the Zionists have achieved this without the willing or unwitting cooperation of the leaders of this crisis?

Oh Muslims! Oh people of Palestine!

Hizb ut-Tahrir calls upon the remaining sincere people in Hamas and Fatah to shut down the offices and registers of the Authority as well as the government under occupation and cease the hands of those who have usurped powerless chairs in the West Bank and Gaza and confront them just as Allah (swt) and His Prophet (saw) would be pleased with and thus ensure a shining life in this world and in the hereafter. This will save them from the humiliation in this world and severe punishment in the hereafter. The continued mockery of the Authority and government under occupation which holds the Muslims and seeks to divide them, killing them and spilling their blood, is nothing but treason to Allah (swt), His Prophet (saw) and the Muslims.

We call upon the sincere and dedicated cadres of Hamas and Fatah to view the crisis as it actually is-to uproot the Zionist State from its roots and thus restore the entire Palestine to the Islamic fold. If they are unable to carryout the mission today, then at least remain in the trenches that you have prepared and remain steadfast to the aims that you hold dear so that you are in the forefront of the Khaleefah Omar's army who first conquered al-Quds; or in the army of Khaleefah Nasser al-Abbasi and under the banner of Salahuddin who recaptured it from the Crusaders; or in the victorious army who will liberate Palestine again once and for all.

“And on that day, the believers (i.e. Muslims) will rejoice (at the victory given by Allah)”  [TMQ: 30:4]

A translation of the meaning from a leaflet published by Hizb ut-Tahrir

3rd Jamada al akhir 1428 A.H

18th June, 2007 C.E