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The Downfall of Democracy Will Come From Yourselves

Today, 12/5/2016, one can read on that parliament now has passed that, we in Hizb ut Tahrir, can no longer rent public halls, something the culture and leisure mayor of Copenhagen, Christian Ebbesen (Danish Peoples Party), has long called for.

In this context, there are several things we will make aware.

We are not worried, but the ordinary Dane should be. This is not only bankruptcy in an intellectual debate on values and systems, but also a slippery slope of dimensions.

The ban is being served with our name as an example, which probably has the purpose of tranquilizing the Danish population, in a time where the Islamophobic hysteria is at its boiling point. The ban does not only apply to Hizb ut Tahrir, but will also cover all “anti-democratic organizations”, and what else that can be showed in under the new rubber law. Today, it is Hizb ut Tahrir, tomorrow it is others who do not share values or conviction with the parliament. Today, it is renting halls that is banned, in the coming fall it will be opinions and anti-democratic statements, and in this way, one can continue down the street of totalitarian regimes.

The new law package, that is supposed to fight “extremism”, has from many sides been accused of being extensive, transcending and without real effect, and thereby pure tokenism, and this ban is no exception.

You cannot stop an exchange of ideas with laws and bans. The totalitarian regimes, which the Danish government is getting its solutions from, have tried with fire and iron – without success.

Our message to the Danish politicians is therefore: You can try to tranquilize people with scaremongering and empty rhetoric in desperation over your impotence to our intellectual challenge of your modern dogmas such as secularism, democracy, capitalism and the western “freedom values”. You can try to stop our disclosure of your borderless hypocrisy and hostile policy and lacking ability to meet Islam in a dignified manner.

But even though you want to, you cannot prevent people from thinking for themselves.

All you are achieving in this hopeless battle is a cementation of the weaknesses and the hypocrisy and undermining of own “freedoms”, because we will relentlessly continue our work.

You say we undermine democracy when we expose its falsehood and present an alternative in words and thoughts. With this type of legislation, certainly the biggest threat against your core value is your own weakness and blind hatred towards Islam. Minister of Culture, Bertel Haarder (Liberals) said to, that the government “will not be made a fool for own money”. With the new law, not only the government, but democracy itself will be made a fool on the government’s expense.


Junes Kock

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Scandinavia

Thursday, 05th Sha’ban 1437 AH

12/05/2016 CE

No.: 04/16