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The Dignity of a Woman is Through Applying the Laws of Her Lord

The war against Islam has not stopped, and the Muslim woman was and remains a great outlet for this war by their claims and fabrications on the provisions of Islam. For example, they claim that inheritance provisions in Islam discriminate against women because they give the sister half of her brother’s share; while ignoring the fact that Islam imposes a duty on men to spend on his wife and family, whereas, women are not forced to spend one dirham on others even if they are rich.

They also claim that polygamy is an injustice to women, although it has been imposed on men to be fair in the care of their wives financially and materially and treat them with kindness and love. At the same time, they do not denounce adultery, which has become the norm in secular countries, where it is legal for a man to have relations with countless women while he bears no responsibility for these women or the children he begets…!! So by Allah, which one oppressed and dishonored women?! They criticize early marriage and say it violates children’s rights, but discard illegal relationships at an early age, and what results is unknown fathered babies and young single mothers.

They talk about the differences in some rights and roles between men and women in Islam – such as (number of) witnesses, family duties, and the inadmissibility of a woman’s rule, saying that Islam views women as inferior to men in their value or in their mind, all the while forgetting the saying of Allah (swt):وَٱللَّهُ جَعَلَ لَكُم مِّن أَنفُسِكُم أَزوَاجًا  “And Allah hath given you wives of your own kind” [16:72]

And the hadeeth of the Messenger ﷺ:  «إِنَّمَا النِّسَاءُ شَقَائِقُ الرِّجَالِ» Verily, women are the twin halves of men”. As well as the ruling on the dress-code of Muslim women, the rule of separation between men and women, and other legal provisions regulating the relationship between men and women, they portray them as insulting to women and belittling them… We therefore ask them, how do they then interpret the fact that women had an active role in politics, economy, education, and public life at the time of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, the Companions, and all the periods of the Islamic State, while at the same time adhering to their Islamic dress-code and other legal provisions?!

The real injustice that women suffer in the Islamic countries, such as forced marriage or honor killings, deprivation of inheritance and education, and sometimes looking at them as inferior, that they have no opinion and no entity, subjugation and oppression… is not because of the provisions of Islam as promoted by its enemies, but because of customs and traditions which are far from the provisions of Islam, or because of the non-Islamic repressive regimes. It has become as though the secular attack on the provisions of Islam created a state of fear among many of the return of the Khilafah State, especially for women, thinking that the Khilafah State will return them to the era of servants, hareem and slaves, power and domination and deprivation of education and work, and other lies that Islam is innocent of. Under the rule of Islam and Khilafah, women enjoyed a life of dignity, rights and protection… Wars were waged for the protection of her dignity, and armies were mobilized to free her from the oppressors, but she lost this honor by the loss of the caring State.

Yes, women have lost so much by the loss of the Caliphate; they have lost the Islamic System under which they enjoyed care and protection, the System that enabled them to elect and hold accountable their rulers publicly without fear; the System that gave birth to thousands of women scholars, and that was a pioneer in women’s education. She has lost the rulers who have borne the economic burden to meet the needs of her and her family, so she does not need to work against her will, leaving her home and children to earn money or help spend on her family…

She lost her Islamic State, which raised her status as a wife and mother, gave her great value, lifted away from her the heavy burden of providing sustenance for herself, and ordered that she be treated with unconditional respect as a nurturer and a teacher for future generations. She has lost a society that surrounds her children with pure Islamic values and laws, in which they learn in Islamic-bound homes and schools so that she does not live in anxiety if they go to school, the street or society… It is the State in which the Muslim women were envied by the women of the world.

In contrast, what did women get over the past nine decades after the Caliphate was lost? Her life became filled with poverty, humiliation, destitution, death and destruction. She was forced to beg in the streets, to look for food in garbage cans and to see her children starving. She was forced to abandon her children in search of work outside her country to feed herself and her family. She has become a tool and a commodity for advertising companies exploiting her femininity, beauty and dignity. She has become deprived of her rights, and has not been given justice… In Syria, Burma and Central Africa, she watched as her children were slaughtered in front of her eyes, they expelled her from her home, and no army came to her aid, and no state provides her a decent life in security and peace. She is cursed, insulted and attacked for wearing her Islamic dress and persecuted, imprisoned and tortured, and found no one to protect and save her!

Her role as a wife and mother has become neglected and worthless, and her children are vulnerable to immorality and corruption of morals, and have become influenced by Western concepts, values of capitalism and freedoms, generating disobedience and disrespect towards parents and older people. So that a number of them became a copy of the West in identity, dress and behavior… and the suffering of mothers and fathers now with their children, females and males, is a clear evidence of this…

Aren’t ten long dark decades of suffering, humiliation and misery enough for this Ummah?! Did we not have enough with this injustice and suffering that has lasted long and painful decades?! Let us therefore work together to begin the dawn of a new life filled with dignity and honor under the shade of the second Righteous Caliphate on the method of Prophethood. O Allah, aid us in carrying your call and provide us with those who will give us victory and hasten the establishment of the strong Islamic State that will restore our pride and protection…


Muslimah Al-Shami (Um Suhaib)