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The Death of a Moroccan Youth is Met with Maliciousness and Cynicism

A 15-year-old youth of Belgium citizenship and of Moroccan origin lost his life in a tragic manner in a bicycle accident in Morocco whilst he was spending his yearly holiday there. The news was spread across social media and the reactions were at the height of depravity and moral decline manifesting the hateful prejudice that flows in the blood of a section of the Dutch Flemish society.

One of them commented upon this incident saying: “One less Arab”, another commented by saying: “One (dead) is better than none”, a third commented and said: “Unfortunately there wasn’t another with him, Hahaha”, a fourth said: “If he was Flemish then I am a Negro” and a fifth commented by saying: “Am I supposed to cry now?” and so on. All of the comments which were written manifested maliciousness and cynicism from those commenting indicating the ugly prejudice.

These prejudiced comments provoked a noise within the political class and media and the Flemish minister of culture and media ‘Swen Gatz’ condemned this prejudice that stirs revulsion and sickness and the Flemish member of parliament, Tine Soens asked: “How can the death of a youth generate all of these dangerous comments? What is going on in this world?”

What is happening in this world is that the politicians with their policies are consecrating hatred against Muslims and concentrating sentiments of spite and hatred within the people. That is because the media’s main preoccupation today is to go around chasing after Muslims in their Masajid, Madrasahs (schools) and even in their homes. The media today has no concern other than demonising the Muslim community and portraying every Muslim as a source of danger against the society and mode of living. The repressive laws and arbitrary measures do not relate to anyone other than the Muslims under the pretext of combatting that which they call ‘terrorism’, ‘extremism’ and ‘fundamentalism’. That is what is going on in the world today and particularly in Europe which includes Belgium, Holland and France.

What is happening today is what we have warned about previously in out statements and leaflets. We said that this European policy that aims to ‘demonise’ the Muslim community plants Fitnah (discord) within the society and will never reap anything other than spite and hatred. And here you are today, O politicians, you have seen the fruits of your work, so what are you doing about it? Will you go after this group of prejudice? Will you forbid these prejudiced thoughts from spreading? Or is your condemnation only hollow words that are not followed by any action, laws or measures, because the severe and harsh laws and measures are reserved for the Muslim community alone?


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in The Netherlands

Thursday 1st Dhul Qi’dah 1437 AH

04/08/2016 CE

No.: 10/1437 AH