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The Danish Government Outlaws Muslims With New Manipulative Statistic

A new propaganda tool in the fight against Islam and Muslims has been launched by the Danish government. The Ministry of Immigration and Integration Affairs of Denmark has stated that it will divide immigrants and descendants of immigrants into a so-called Menapt group, which stands for the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and Turkey, in their statistical analyses. The purpose of this is to prove that Muslims are allegedly “overrepresented in crime and unemployment statistics”.

However, the purpose of this grotesque and racist division has nothing to do with fighting crime or unemployment, as the Ministry of Immigration and Integration Affairs itself has stated! This new way of statistical analyses is to be used in “parliamentary responses, in the Ministry’s integration barometer and in the Ministry’s citizenship survey”. In other words, the purpose is to use it to wage propaganda war from the Danish Parliament against the Muslim community in Denmark.

Minister of Assimilation, Mattias Tesfaye, has demonstrated his view upon objective studies, when he fired two researchers from Roskilde University, who were authors of a report on social control, because it recommended the use of “Arabic and Koran teaching as part of curbing negative social control.” The report was then shredded and removed from the Ministry’s website because it does not match the frightening enemy image that the government wants to paint of Islam.

The government’s scandalous actions in this case clearly show that it does not want to paint a truthful picture of the Muslims, but rather to create its own manipulated narrative.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of Islam, however, knows that Islam forbids crime and encourages productivity and education in society. By focusing on a few rotten apples with Muslim names and a Western lifestyle, politicians want to criminalize the entire Muslim community. This is despite the fact that these few criminals act upon Western life concepts such as “live strong, die young”, and not the Islamic view of life, which is based on virtue and piety.

In addition, numerous statistics on crime have shown that it has decreased dramatically among so-called “non-Western immigrants” in recent years. Juvenile delinquency among descendants is today historically low. According to national police figures, the number of gang members in the foreigner populated residential areas has fallen by about a third in recent years. According to police statements, three quarters of the country’s gang members are affiliated with the country’s largest gang, Hells Angels, as well as Bandidos, where the vast majority of the gang members are ethnic Danes, and thus not people from “Menapt countries”.

Descendants of foreigners are doing better and better in the job market. More and more descendants of immigrants are completing higher education, as several studies have shown. However, the government does not want these statistics to be mentioned, as they break with the scary image of the allegedly unproductive, dangerous and anti-social Muslims.

By selectively selecting negative statistics that are in no way representative of the Muslim population, they wish to place all Muslims in a bad spot. All Muslims in Denmark are thus declared enemies of the Danish state, with which all discriminatory, racist and draconian measures become legitimate in the fight against them.

However, as the previous anti-Muslim measures the government has adopted, this move will fail completely and only reveal the politicians’ fierce hatred and their desperation to scare the people away from the true, beautiful and rational ideas of Islam.


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Denmark

Monday, 29th Rabii’ II 1442 AH

14/12/2020 CE

No.: 1442 / 04