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The Colonial West Seeks to Eliminate any Traces of Islam from Pakistan’s Education Curriculum under the False Guise of Ensuring Religious Tolerance

 On the 22nd November, Pakistani media reported on a recent report by the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) entitled, “Teaching Intolerance In Pakistan – Religious Bias in Public School Textbooks”. In the name of so-called ‘Religious Tolerance’, the report recommended that overemphasis on Islam as being the “only correct” faith must be eliminated from school textbooks. The report also stated that the foremost reoccurring trend in textbooks is an overemphasis on the glorification of war and war heroes, particularly the Islamic conquest of Sindh by Muhammad ibn Qasim. It also objected on the mention of certain Islamic beliefs in the education curricula; one example quoted as being problematic was that, “The Islamic religion, culture and social system are different from non-Muslims…”. The report recommended that secular international norms on religious freedoms be reflected in textbooks’ contents and that absolutely no content should be taught that celebrates one religion at the expense of another. It also recommended that the curriculum should inculcate a sense of constructive patriotism and that heroes from all religious minorities should be included in textbooks.

The education curriculum of Pakistan is already based upon a secular foundation, with Islam and Islamic history delivered as mere information and a subject on par with other subjects which has no significant importance to the culture and heritage of the Muslims of Pakistan. Such teaching therefore has little impact in building the Islamic thinking and behavior of the students, many of whom view the Islamic beliefs which are taught to them as outdated and irrelevant to their lives due to this secular teaching method. Furthermore, the education system in Pakistan has been subjected to continuous de-Islamisization agendas and programmes at the hand of Western colonial governments and institutions, which has intensified in recent years in their ‘War on Terror’. According to the USCIRF, a majority of their so-called “examples of religious intolerance” (equated to basic Islamic beliefs) published in their previous 2011 report, “Connecting the Dots: Education and Religious Discrimination in Pakistan” had already been removed from textbooks by local authorities.

It is clear that Western colonial governments, in collusion with their subservient secular lackey government in Islamabad, will not be content until every trace of Islam is erased from the education curricula of Pakistan. The aim of their secular crusader campaign is to colonise the minds of the youth of Pakistan, in the same way they colonized the Muslim lands, in order to continue their hegemony over the region and maintain their Western-serving regimes and systems. They seek to rob our children of pride in their Islamic identity, their glorious Islamic heritage, and truth of their Deen to deliver the most just system to mankind, while also force-feeding them the corrupt secular culture. This will lead to more of our youth becoming embroiled in the same self-destructing lifestyle of drugs, alcohol, illicit relationships, and crime that plague the youth of Western states. Indeed the agenda of further secularizing and eradicating Islam from the education systems in countries across the Muslim world, including in Palestine, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, and Bangladesh has intensified in recent months. This reflects the scale of panic of colonial governments over the rising and overwhelming support for Islamic governance in the Muslim lands, including amongst Muslim youth. They have pursued this agenda using all forms of lies and deception, for example associating religious intolerance with the celebration of Islamic beliefs and history. They conceal the fact that Western and Eastern secular states are plagued with a tsunami of religious intolerance and a mountain of hate-crimes against religious and racial minorities in their societies due their racist nationalistic beliefs. In contrast, under the Islamic rule of the Khilafah non-Muslims enjoyed a level of protection, prosperity and religious tolerance unsurpassed by any other state in history.

We call the people of Pakistan to reject this liberal intellectual genocide of the Muslim youth and to support the urgent re-establishment of the Khilafah (Caliphate) based upon the method of the Prophethood which will implement an education system that will build exemplary Islamic personalities and demonstrate excellence in every field of study, science and development.


Women’s Section in the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

Wednesday, 01st Rabii’ I 1438 AH

30/11/2016 CE

Issue No: 1438 AH / 019


  1. We in the islamic civilization are so tolerant that we even tolerate our own worst ideological enemies (after pacifying them under Jizia) unlike the west. We allow the non-muslims to set up what is effectively their own autonomous parallel state within the islamic caliphate to live under their own laws and constitution, maybe similar to the theocratic Vatican being a parallel separate Christian state in the middle of Secular Italy, although the Vatican is still dependent on Italy in many areas like Infrastructure, healthcare, economy, defence, and so on. Under Islamic rule, the Christians in the caliphate can make their own Vatican-style ghettoes or villages right in the middle of Lahore, Punjab or Riyadh. Of course they will be heavily dependent on the wider islamic state for infrastructural, economic and defence administrations. Same concept is applied for the Hindus, Sikhists, Communists and other deens (we dont believe in the western-made distinction between religion and politics). The only difference is that their parallel governments will of course be demilitarized and Pay Jizia to the islamic government.

    “Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.” Quran 9:29

    Imagine if this concept was applied in the west. The muslims would be legally allowed to create their own parallel islamic state comprised of islamic villages in the middle of Wales or Kansas, and islamic ghettoes in the suburbs of London, Bradford, Paris, Marseilles or Toronto, where they can live under full 100% shariia law, only for the muslims. The same concept would be applied for people who believe in other ideologies like Nazism and Communism. They would also be allowed to set up their own Nazi or communist parallel states under their own ideology as long as they are demilitarized with a tax equivalent to Jizia. But they wont let us do this, thats why Islam is effectively BANNED in the west and everywhere else under a different name such as extremism, radicalism or terrorism. Under the name of so-called “integration” and “assimilation” the western authorities will not let muslims or anyone else who disagrees with the official secular-liberal-feminist-sodomist-capitalist ideology, to make their own parallel communities under their own laws.They force their laws on everyone, even the ones who dont want it. Thats why the islamic model of tolerance of other deens (religions/ideologies) is actually far superior to the modern western civilization’s so-called religious tolerance.

  2. The Khilafah is ONE state, and dhimmi are simply non-Muslim citizens of that state. They have autonomy in areas related to their religion such as worship, clothing, food, marriage, divorce, morals etc but in societal affairs such as economy and ruling they are bound by sharia which they obey as the law of the land.

    The Khilafah tolerates other religions but it does not tolerate other ideologies. No ruling or economic structures are permitted in the state except those based on Islam.

    The article below gives an introduction to this subject.

  3. Since the comments for that article which you linked to are closed, I just want to ask you a question here that popped up when I read this statement:

    “The Must’amin is a citizen of a foreign state with which the Khilafah has no treaty. These states are the imperialistic states such as Britain, America, Russia and France. The citizens of these states can enter the Khilafah but only with a passport and valid visa. Once they have received a valid visa and enter the state they are termed Must’amin.”

    What about Muslims who sympathise with the Xhilafah but are passport-holding citizens of these musta’min countries? For example, white European people who convert to islam, or third generation British descendants of those who migrated from Pakistan? Or even the Muslims of India (assuming that you take over Pakistan to set up the khilafa there)? Or even Zionist Jewish citizens of Dajjalistan (Israel) who convert to islam and support the khilafah even against their own country? In some countries you can just arrive in the airport and get a “visa-on-arrival” stamped on your passport. So will these examples of musta’min muslims be allowed to come to the caliphate and get “citizenship on arrival”?

    Look at how the muslim refugees were welcomed in Germany last year.

    The secular-liberals put the rich muslim countries such as KSA to total shame, so we must beat them in our khilafa.
    I suggest what we should do for the new Muhaajireen is to hold some kind of huge welcome party with the song “tala al badru alayna” as soon as they emerge out of the plane or train. Instead of a red carpet, the first thing they step on in the caliphate’s land, should be a flag of their previous kufr country and portraits of their previous kufr leaders. Example, Syrian muhajireen step off a plane and immediately walk on an Assad government flag and portraits of Hafez and Bashar. Then make them do a short citizenship ceremony consisting of giving bay’ah to the governor, Grand Vizier, Emir or Caliph who is there to welcome them, then register their personal details so you can make a passport for them which will be printed immediately and presented to them on a silver tray. Then they should be lodged in hotels for a week or two until enough upper-class and middle class muslim families from the host city volunteer to adopt the refugees into their homes and share half their properties with the refugees just like the Sunnah.

  4. These are all good suggestions and fall under the area of idara (administration). The future Khilafah will adopt the best styles and technical processes relating to refugees, visas and granting citizenship to the Muslim diaspora.

    The shar’a has detailed rules relating to hijra and in origin Muslims can’t move en-mass to the Khilafah from the Muslim lands. They need to stay in those lands and unify them politically with the state. For Muslims in the west this is not the case and its recommended they do hijra either to the Khilafah or another Muslim land. In some circumstances this hijra may become an obligation.

    For more details on hijra please see p.375 of the book Muqadimatud-Dustur Aw al-Asbabul Mujibatulah (An Introduction to the Constitution and its obligation) at the link below.

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