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The Case of the Quran School in Ar-Rukab: A New and a Special Type of State Terrorism

Our country is currently living the incidence of the issue of the Quranic school in the city of Ar-Rukab and the arrest of 42 of its students and subjecting them to investigation, whose preliminary results brought forth titles of moral and other crimes related to terrorism and money laundering, which the judiciary has not yet said its final word.

Because the onslaught of a flock of Tunisian media united in its speech against Quranic schools and Islam, until some of its human mutants came to explicitly express their crusader hatred and their atheist aversion to the country, its people and its Islam…

And because the ruling body is beginning to feel its failure to convince people to continue to engage in its popularly discarded system, which is about to fall as it comes close to the legislative and presidential elections, and it has become increasingly aware that the system of Islam is the only and sincere alternative of the nation in Tunisia and other to the clutches of the fading capitalist system…

And because the senior officials in the state from the governor, the commissioner and the security, whose statements were blocked from public opinion were all aware of such associations and the size of their bank balance and sources of their funding for more than seven years…

And because the choice of this timing and the way of blowing over the flames of this sedition (fitna) and how it is fueled is one of the scenarios of political maneuvers that the authority has been devising every year to defuse people’s revolution against poverty, marginalization, starvation and humiliation, which are the means used by colonialism against all peoples to frustrate and subdue them and make any attempt to revolt on their agents an expensive revolution…

And because the purpose of the ruling secular junta is clear in undermining the ideas and feelings of the sincere Muslims working to free the nation from all forms of dependence with the great system of Islam…

Then the fabrication of the Quranic school case in Ar-Rukab is a new and special terrorist act committed by the founding body of the ruling scene in Tunisia against the Muslim people, to continue to control and rule them under the pressure of Islamophobia and the political misguidance of the people to distract them from the solution inherent in the system emanating from their creed.


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Tunisia

Wednesday, 01st Jumada II 1440 AH

06/02/2019 CE

Issue No.: 1440 / 11

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