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The British Prince Harry Perfectly Represents the Murderous, Colonialist Elite of the West

On January 05, 2023, several media outlets reported that the British Prince Harry, son of King Charles III, writes in his upcoming autobiography that he personally killed 25 people while serving as a helicopter co-pilot and gunner with the British Army in Afghanistan.

While the comments of Prince Harry that he is “not ashamed” of having killed 25 Muslims in Afghanistan during the murderous, colonialist occupation, have rightfully drawn angry responses from in the public debate, there are several aspects in this case, which deserve commenting:

– While Harry and other Western soldiers, who participated in the colonialist occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, will typically insist that they killed “terrorists”, the fact remains that the Western occupational forces are the ones who have terrorized civilian populations like none other, and caused immeasurable destruction and human suffering in the Muslim lands and elsewhere.

– No noble values or worthy intentions were ever behind the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. Rather, the war on Afghanistan was motivated purely by Western colonialist interests and enmity towards Islam and the Muslim Ummah, led by America with Britain and other Western nations following behind.

– Prince Harry has very publicly condemned his own family for their racist bias against his wife. The same Harry who in his youth attended a party wearing a Nazi uniform, complete with a swastika on the arm, and who has been caught on video hurling racist comments at fellow army cadets with presumably Muslim backgrounds. Such is the hypocrisy and double standard of the Western elite. This pampered and privileged Harry kills dozens of Muslims (towards whom he has expressed racist, condescending attitudes) without remorse or shame, in a destructive war of aggression on one of the poorest countries in the world; all for the material and strategic interests of the Western powers. Then he goes on to lament, again rather shamelessly, the lack of racial tolerance in his own royal British family.

– Likewise, there is a repeated pattern of arrogant, murderous, colonialist behavior of the major Western states toward the rest of the world, not least the Muslim world. They invade, destroy, colonize, murder, torture, and pillage – and then demand to be celebrated as champions of human rights. They prop up and support the worst despotic regimes in the Muslim lands – and then accuse the Islamic Sharia of being totalitarian and oppressive. They cry for tolerance when it suits their interests, yet they are the most expert practitioners of systematic racism and discrimination.

Thus, the British Prince Harry, in his shameless arrogance and hypocrisy, and in his remorseless acts of aggression against the Muslims of Afghanistan, perfectly represents the colonialist elite of the West.

Elias Lamrabet