Ten Thousand Muslims in South Kalimantan, Indonesia Demand the Establishment of the Caliphate

Banjarmasin – Subhanallah…..Approximately 10,000 Muslims from various circles and regions in South Kalimantan (Tanjung, Amuntai, Barabai, Kandangan, Rantau, Martapura, Pelaihari, Batulicin, Marabahan, Banjarbaru, and Banjarmasin) enthusiastically called for the establishment of the Caliphate. The speakers’ speech and the clerics’ testimony accompanied by the wasp of the bedug intensified the call for establishing sharia through Islamic Caliphate.

The spirit of the Conference of Rajab 1432 H organized by Hizbut Tahrir South Kalimantan was represented by yells and shouts Allahuakbar! Khilafah! Khilafah! Khilafah!, also the wave of the liwa and the Rayah. That was the atmosphere that occurred from morning until the blazing sun at the Stadium 17 Mei Banjarmasin. That is the spirit of the people who attend in the conference.

The Chairman of Hizbut Tahrir South Kalimantan, Baihaki al-Munawar in opening speech mentioned that Muslims had triumphed and led the world civilization before caliphate abolished by imperialist Britain 28 Rajab 1342 or March 3rd 1924. Quoting Will Durrant in the story of civilization, the chairman reminded that caliphate had been provided security to all human being in the limit of overwhelming. It means that Caliphate system can guarantee its people live in the prosperity. In contrast, the Muslims live now in impoverished and torn apart in 57 countries. In addition of that, The conference themed “Prosperous Living In the shade of caliphate”, according the chairman, is inviting the people to unite in the vision, determination, and step for the establishment of Islamic Caliphate.

Accordingly, Harits Abu Ulya, the chairman of Politic department (Lajnah Siyasiyah) HTI who came from Jakarta, in his oration delivered Hizb ut-Tahrir was founded to fight for the establishment of the Khilafah. Hizbut Tahrir Islamic political party regard the absence is the biggest problem for Muslims. It is 90 years (calendar hijriyah – ed) Muslims live without the Caliphate. Meanwhile the caliphate is an obligation.

Harits Abu Ulya stressed the Muslims in wherever he is to take the role for the establishment of the caliphate. Caliphate is the highest deed for every Muslim today. “If not give now when to give the support? “he said.

KH. Abdul Wahab Syahrani, S. Ag, MM Boarding School caretaker Ibnu Mas’ud Putra Jarau South Hulu Sungai, stated about the necessity of the rule of sharia and the caliphate, “what we should do now is fight for it by following the struggle of the Prophet Muhammad. We must not be afraid of the Americans, we only fear God Almighty in this struggle. “

The conference was also enlivened by theatrical performance by the Islamic youth drawing the condition without a caliphate state. An important message conveyed in this theatrical is how important the rule of the caliphate in uniting the whole potential of the Islamic Ummah to achieve glory and prosperity, as well as eliminate colonialism.

This Conference organized by Hizbut Tahrir South Kalimantan is the first of a series of Rajab Conferences organized by Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia during the month of June. The conference, taking the momentum of events that occurred in the month of Rajab will be held in all major cities of Indonesia from tip to tip of eastern, Jayapura and western, Banda Aceh, and its peak on 29 June in Jakarta Stadium Lebak Bulus. [AkhidY)