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Tanzania’s Court Releases Democratic Leaders But Not Muslim Suspects

On 07/03/2019, Chairman of Tanzania’s main opposition party Chadema, Mr Freeman Mbowe alongside his co-accused Esther Matiko, a Chadema MP, were released on bail after winning an appeal against a contempt of court ruling. Both were freed after spending nearly four months in prison.


It is most welcome, appreciable and bravery decision by High Court Judge Sam Rumanyika to restore their bail which was cancelled by Kisutu resident Magistrate’s Court in Dar es Salaam for violating bond conditions three months ago.

This proves that there will be always be some elements of humanity even inside the secularist’s hearts, in spite of being confused and overwhelmed by secular ideas.

While secular democratic leaders of opposition have been bailed out, it is a very sad and bitter reality that for six years the similar court has failed to release or at least grant bail to Muslim suspects who have been suffering in jail for allegations of terrorism that the republic has failed to convict them. There are hundreds if not thousands of Muslim suspects including scholars and preachers being held with different baseless cases, mostly so called “terrorism”.

This scenario explains what is always the case within secular laws, the contradictions and favoritism. While the Kisutu Magistrate Court denied bail for both Mr Mbowe and Mrs Matiko in November last year for failing to show up for a court hearing, the High Court nullified the that decision using the same laws. That means the secular laws can be twisted and used to favor rulers or a group of people based on race, wealthy, or beliefs (as in the case of Muslims).

While we demand the immediate release of all Muslims suspects associated with baseless terrorism charges, it is also a duty of every Muslim to expose to non-Muslims on the weakness of capitalist ideology and its secular laws, as well as showing to them justice and perfection of Islamic ideology and Islamic laws.


Said Bitomwa

Member of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Tanzania