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Tanzania 60 Years of Independence Still with Power and Water Rationing

December 9th would be the anniversary day of Tanganyika / Tanzania Independence granted by Britain in 1961 whereas earlier it was under German colonization before its defeat in World War I.

In spite of so-called independence, Tanzania is still facing many challenges such as the current one of power and water rationing both caused by various reasons including the impact of drought from climate change.

It is inconceivable to date that power rationing is still a big concern after water levels in many of the Hydro-electric dams have been reduced. That situation has affected power generation at some of the stations such as Kihansi, Kidatu and Pangani stations leading to a deficit on the national grid of approximately 345 megawatts which is equivalent to 21 percent. Above all only 15% of citizens in Tanzania enjoy power consumption.

Regarding severe water shortage especially in the Tanzania’s commercial capital city of Dar es Salaam which mainly depends on Ruvu River remains below normal levels of production of 270 million liters per day with a shortfall of 70 million liters.

Issue of climate change cannot be ignored. However, there are various reasons behind this scenario including mismanagement and lack of vision especial on electricity by not investing more on diverse mixture of energy resources instead of focusing more on projects that limit supply of electricity.

It is more than a shame that Tanzania have water and power problems and many others after more than a half century of flag independence plus having huge amount of resources including massive amount of natural gas reserve estimated at 57 trillion cubic feet with a total annual production of 110 billion cubic feet from three fields south of Tanzania.

Also, it hosts a number of mines with a huge potential in gold, to the extent of enjoying a third place in gold production in Africa, after Ghana and South Africa, not to mention a uranium reserve.  According to Mantra Mining Company of Australia, Tanzania has a substantial reserve of uranium to make it among the top 5 producers in Africa.

In terms of water, Tanzania enjoys massive sources of water such as the Indian Ocean in eastern side, Lake Victoria which is among the largest lakes in the world covering 65,583 sq mi, where Tanzania alone has a share of 49% of 33,700 square kilometers, the biggest share comparing with neighbouring partners (Uganda and Kenya). Not to mention Lake Tanganyika, the second-largest lake by volume in the world and the deepest lake in Africa that holds the greatest volume of fresh water.

The source of misery, poverty and underdevelopment in Tanzania, Africa and all developing nations generally is because of greedy Western capitalist exploitation, lacking of independence and a clear vision as a result of not having a proper ideological pillar to guide them accordingly in their affairs.

It is high time for the people of developing nations including Tanzania to wake up that Capitalism would never stop its exploitative agenda towards developing nations, the only way out is to uproot evil capitalist ideology, replacing it by the divine ideology of Islam. Under its Khilafah (Caliphate) State, it would save the world and humanity in general from underdevelopment and all exploitative shackles.

Masoud Msellem
Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Tanzania

24 Rabii’ 1443 – Monday, 29th November 2021
No: 01 / 1443