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Taliban Ban Women from Working for Domestic, Foreign NGOs

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — The Taliban government on Saturday ordered all foreign and domestic non-governmental groups in Afghanistan to suspend employing women, allegedly because some female employees didn’t wear the Islamic headscarf correctly.

The NGO order came in a letter from Economy Minister Qari Din Mohammed Hanif, which said that any organization found not complying with the order will have their operating license revoked in Afghanistan. The ministry’s spokesman, Abdul Rahman Habib, confirmed the letter’s content to The Associated Press. (AP News, December 24, 2022)

While the Afghan Taliban officials have not elegantly articulated the firm reasons for this new stance against the NGO ban, merely using women not wearing hijab correctly in their offices and the mixing between men and women. The existence of such foreign bodies are much more alarming in the Muslim lands.

Non-government organizations (NGO’s) serve as an arm of larger scale foreign bodies officially recognized by the international community, to enable easier accessibility to the various countries especially in the so-called third world or developing countries to disseminate their missions according to their Western- backed agendas. NGOs are found in these countries generally sponsored by the United Nations and other larger foundations to push on to the society their version of ideals or lack of and concepts irrespective of the country’s values in which they operate.  Such concepts include democracy, their version of women’s and children’s rights, and recently in more overt programs are the sexual education programs for adolescents.

For example YPEER youth peer education network of organizations and institutions has been pioneered by UNFPA in 2002 and is working in the field of sexual and reproductive health in 52 countries throughout the world and explicitly cites on the YPEER Afghanistan website that it seeks to “Strengthen and spread high quality peer-to-peer education in the field of adolescent sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and HIV prevention worldwide.” And to achieve this mission they use peer-to-peer education using alternative methods of education (such as theatre-based techniques, role games, simulations, etc.).

The red flags are obvious that this NGO violates the Islamic rulings and values calling for sexual liberties in adolescents yet Western-backed NGOs cry out against marriage for individuals who are able to get married and live in a halal relationship and establish a home bearing children that is against their version of child rights and this child marriage even if they are shy a month of 18 years old, yet call for sexual exploration according to Western lifestyle is completely acceptable in their deplorable hypocrisy. NGOs protect and call for various lifestyles that directly conflict with the Islamic values, allowing for the LGBTQ lifestyles and their normalization tactics into society, gender fluidity, mixing, and other lewd actions forbidden by the Shariah.

Afghanistan should be able to ban whatever organization that leads to the demise of their society that opposes the people’s Islamic beliefs. And the international community with the UN at its core needs to stay out of Muslim lands. All programs sponsored by the UN and its affiliated organizations bring nothing but lewdness, corruption, and chaos to the Muslim lands in which they push themselves into. These NGO’s are another form of occupation but instead of direct military or government control they are cultural occupiers pushing their agendas down the throats of society. Making them even more perilous, they are allowed accessibility to the education ministries not in only Afghanistan but also Pakistan, Jordan, Palestine and many more Muslim countries by the treacherous rulers of the Muslim lands. Their aims are to reshape Muslim societies and youth into corrupt godless societies under the cover of so-called human rights and women’s education by claiming women job opportunities and better economic circumstances yet ultimately destroying their lives and society.

The irony is that the Western nations do not permit NGOs to freely operate in their own lands as this infringes on their autonomy and principles. For example, the United States did not ratify CEDAW yet the US and UN subject Muslim countries into signing that convention.  To be an Islamic State power, officials need to recognize the harms that these NGOs bring with them and need to place a firm barrier to ban permeation into the country. Sadly, Taliban officials need not only ban NGOs but also any framework and foreign agreements that mortgages the country and whatever conflicts with the Shariah and make Afghanistan into a purely Islamic system implementing Islam at all levels of government and society. Thus ensuring an Islamic way of life in Afghanistan that reflects a genuine Islamic State that pleases Allah (swt) and its people and allows the people to truly revive as Muslims according to their doctrine of Islam.

Manal Bader