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It is Time to Put an End to the Game of Security and Judiciary!

On 05/05/2021, the Public Security Directorate prepared an information memorandum entitled “Searching for a clear source” about Hizb ut Tahrir to be evidence against it in the courts, and in order to raise the degree of alertness in the security units, and has distributed it to the directorates of the Anti-Terrorism Branch of the Security […]

The Presidential Election is Farcical to Legitimize the Butcher of Ash-Sham It is a Betrayal of Allah (swt), His Messenger (saw) and the Believers

On Monday, 5/3/2021, the Supreme Constitutional Court announced the names of the candidates running for the Syrian presidential elections to be held, and they are: Bashar al-Assad, Abdullah Salloum Abdullah and Mahmoud Ahmad Marei, and the Syrian People’s Assembly has set the 26th of May as the date for it.