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The Transitional Government Abolishes Customs Dollar,Continuing to Implement the Policies of its Masters as a Strain on the People of Sudan

On Tuesday, 22/6/2021, the Transitional Government abolished its customs dollar exchange rate which is used to evaluate imported goods. Under the decision, importers must pay the value of goods and commodities to customs at the current exchange rate of 430 Sudanese pounds to one dollar, whereas previously the calculation was made on the basis of […]

The Transitional Government Continues its Prayers in the Sanctuary of the International Monetary Fund in Prostration by Floating the Sudanese Pound

The Transitional Government in Sudan decided to float the exchange rate of the Sudanese pound against foreign currencies, starting from today, Sunday 02/21/2021. As the central bank allowed each bank to set the purchase price for free currencies, and cancelled the official announced rate of 55 pounds for the dollar, and the banks will start […]

As Long as the New Government is Inside the Capitalist Box, our Situation will only Change for the Worse!

Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok announced the names of the ministers in the new (old) cabinet formation, where he kept four of the former ministers, and did not name the Minister of Public Education. The new composition came through partisan and regional quotas, between the Freedom and Change parties, the armed movements that signed the Juba […]