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After the Failure of Both Parliamentary and Presidential Democracy, It is Time for Khilafah

The failure of democracy is glaringly obvious. After the failure of Musharraf’s presidential democracy and the parliamentary democracies of Zardari, Nawaz and Imran Khan, it is clear that any ruling system based on laws originating from limited human minds has failed. Such Western ruling systems have only enslaved Pakistan to Western colonialist exploitation for decades. […]

Let us not be Stung by Democracy Yet Again, by Establishing the Khilafah upon the Method of the Prophethood!

The initial expectation over the disqualification of Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, evaporated, as the National Assembly selected the new Prime Minister on 1 August 2017, replacing the corrupt after looking within the rows of the corrupt! Indeed, we have been here before, after the previous departure of Nawaz in 1999, then Musharraf in 2008, […]