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As Long as the New Government is Inside the Capitalist Box, our Situation will only Change for the Worse!

Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok announced the names of the ministers in the new (old) cabinet formation, where he kept four of the former ministers, and did not name the Minister of Public Education. The new composition came through partisan and regional quotas, between the Freedom and Change parties, the armed movements that signed the Juba […]

The Weak Stance of Pakistan’s Political and Military Leadership Encouraged the Hindu State to Give a Threat of Nuclear Strike

Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi on 17th August 2019, termed Indian Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh’s, statement over a possible change in its “no first use” nuclear policy as a “damning reminder of India’s unbridled thirst for violence.” Rajnath Singh suggested on 16th August 2019 that the country’s longstanding pledge not to use nuclear […]