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Istanbul Canal & the Montreux Convention: A Case for US Influence

In June of this year, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made the first step towards his move to build the “Canal Istanbul” project, announcing that this was a “new page today in Turkey’s development history…We see this as a project to save the future of Istanbul.” (Source) His self-proclaimed “crazy” plan surfaced a decade ago, but it hasn’t been […]

America’s Longest War

The global media is full of reports of the departure of US forces from Afghanistan. What is now America’s longest war having cost to the US taxpayer in excess of $2 trillion, the lives of 2,488 soldiers, whilst a further 20,722 have returned to the US wounded forever. In a speech at the White House […]

Renewal of the Ceasefire Along the Line of Control Gives Reprieve to the Hindu State. It is Another Treacherous Step towards Making the Line of Control a Permanent Border

Pakistan’s rulers have undertaken another treacherous step to severely undermine the security of both Occupied Kashmir and Pakistan. Through back channel diplomacy with the Hindu State, Pakistan’s rulers have agreed to the renewal of ceasefire along the Line of Control, ending hostilities. The rulers thus grant reprieve to the Hindu State which was militarily challenged […]