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Society is like Gravity!

Society is like gravity; It pulls us towards it, through our businesses, careers, spouses, children, neighborhoods and communities. We will fall, and fall hard, unless we pull ourselves up by the Rope of Allah ﷻ. Let our homes be modelled upon Dar ul Arqam, the incubator of the Companions (ra) of the Prophet ﷺ. Let our public stance to society be that of the Prophet ﷺ, boldly calling to the Truth, whilst clearly denouncing the evil. The Prophetic Sunnah is the only way to earn the Nasr (victory) of Allah ﷻ. May we all see the return of the Khilafah (Caliphate) on the Method of Prophethhood soon.


19 Jumadal-Akher 1444 AH – Thursday, 12 January 2023