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Seeking Justice from the United Nations is Similar to Expecting Guidance from Satan!

The Permanent Mission of Afghanistan to the United Nations recently tweeted that: “The UN Credentials Committee met today and decided to defer its decision on Afghanistan seat at the UN. Thus, the current Mission representing the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan will continue its work at the UN. The Committee will present its report to the UNGA for adoption in the coming days.”

Suhail Shaheen, the former spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Doha and the nominated representative of the Islamic Emirate to the United Nations, reacted in a tweet that “the decision is not based on legal rules and justice because they have deprived the people of Afghanistan of their legitimate right.” He hoped that this right shall be handed over to the representative of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in the near future so that they would resolve issues of the people of Afghanistan effectively and efficiently and maintain positive interaction with the world.

It’s exasperatingly astonishing to learn that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is still expecting justice and legal rules from the United Nations – an organization that expressed consent for the occupation of Afghanistan by the US and NATO twenty years ago; ousted the Islamic Emirate from power and completely disregarded the Taliban in the Bonn talks. It was because of the resolution of the UN that hundreds of thousands of Afghans, including Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate, were martyred, disabled and displaced. Besides, any hope that the UN would be there to address the problems of the people, effectively and efficiently, is nothing but a mere mirage.

The Islamic Emirate must put aside such a superficial perspective towards the UN and realize the reality of this institution with comprehensive Islamic insight. As most of the crises and dilemmas that the Islamic Ummah have been grappling with nowadays are schemed by the UN.

Historically, the origin of this organization goes back to the unity of European states (Christians) to prevent the conquests of the army of the Ottoman Caliphate – they first got united against the Caliphate under a European international order; then, in accordance with the concept of international law, they enacted laws that were solely for the benefit of the Christian family of European states which then replaced the international custom. As a result, they conspired against the Caliphate based on those European international laws, and finally overthrew it by dividing its territories into imposed nation-states. Then, one after another, they continuously occupied and colonized each divided segments of the Ottoman Caliphate.

The same unity of Christian and European nations eventually led the rest of the world to join so that they would utilize them as forced witnesses in enacting the international laws they had already made which was then resulted in establishment of the League of Nations by England after the end of World War I, and it continued so far until the World War II. After World War II, when the US-led international order was formed, the today’s United Nations was created with all other international institutions – all of which are steered by the bloodthirsty government of America to lead the world.

This organization has been named as “United Nations” which is seemingly pleasant and interesting aimed at deceiving the public opinion. The decision-making states within this organization are only the permanent members of the Security Council. The remaining state members of this organization have no choice but to submit to their decisions as sometimes they even happen to justify the autocratic and deceptive decisions of permanent members, so others only play the role of forced witnesses.

The cruel decisions, agreements, conventions and declarations of this organization are enforced by UN Peacekeeping forces around the world. Nonetheless, there is no mechanism to control the whims of super powers. Thus, this organization is established based on the idea of secularism which is committed to ensure and guarantee its protection around the world – the human rights, democratic values, women’s rights, Western freedoms and others are clear examples of its missions. That’s to say, the foundation of this organization is based on infidelity, oppression, hypocrisy, and injustice to secure the interests of super powers. One of the main missions of this organization, under the guise of maintaining peace among states and good neighborliness, is to prevent the re-establishment of the Caliphate, suppress the intellectual, political and geographical unity of the Islamic world, avert the comprehensive implementation of Islam and its extension by Dawah and Jihad to all humanity. Besides, it intends to administer the sense of colonization in the colonies to prevent any collision and war of the great powers under the name of world peace.

We ask all supporters of the United Nations and its international institutions to show us, at least, one issue of the world, especially of the Islamic world, that would have been solved justly by the United Nations?! We are sure you have no positive response! But I will point out to you a few examples of the cases of the Islamic world where no justice and support was given to Muslims other than securing the interests and values of the infidel states – from setting the stage for the massacre of Bosnian Muslims to the cases of Palestine, Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria, etc. in Islamic lands.

This organization has brought all spheres of people’s lives under the control and colonization of world powers, especially the US, with the assistance of its various institutions: The World Bank, IMF and the World Trade Organization in economic and industrial arenas; UNICEF and UNESCO in educational and cultural areas; World Health Organization (WHO) in the health sector; WFP and FOA in poverty and hunger; UNHCR in migration and refugees and so forth. Indeed, the United Nations wants to promote the global secular values in favor of the infidel and colonial powers by means of working in various areas – as it does not allow any ethnicity, culture and/or religion, particularly Islam, to function and rule independently in the society in terms of values, laws and government. Therefore, seeking membership in this organization, expecting legal rules and justice from the UN to resolve the crises is the result of surface thinking and unawareness concerning the international affairs.

Consequently, it is an obligation for an Islamic state to refuse the entire laws, agreements, declarations and conventions altogether imposed by this organization. Instead of seeking membership, the Islamic state must shortly get the Islamic lands united one after another based on the Islamic belief and system and challenge the prevailing infidel international order. The Islamic state should be based on the values that Islam calls upon humanity, which is the comprehensive implementation of Islam, carrying Dawah by means of Jihad, proclaiming Islam over other religions, giving hands to the oppressed ones across the world, and substituting the just values of Islam as international custom instead of secular laws. It must set stage for this notion in the world level, save the humanity from the oppression and corruption of the Capitalism by leading the humankind to prosperity both in this world and the hereafter.

Saifullah Mustanir
Director of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Afghanistan