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Secularism is the Cause of Child Abuse, Not Islam

The Independent Newspaper, in its latest in a series of articles aimed at demonising Islam and Muslims, published a story of a tragic victim of a British child exploitation ring, who has unfortunately been misled into believing that “Islamist extremism” was a motivating factor in her abuser’s crimes. The article focuses on the moderate and extreme interpretations of Islam, then it concludes that the government must do more to prevent radicalisation of Muslims.

Desperate to criminalise Islam, to justify the wedge that they are trying to drive between Muslims, the Independent Newspaper ignores the obvious links to secularism and falsely accuses adherence to Islam as being responsible for such abusive criminal gangs.

Gang culture is squarely a product of Western secular culture, even though some gangs may use religious slogans as part of their identity. There is nothing Islamic about them. Their members would be severely punished by an Islamic State, just as anyone else who violates the honour of women.

The government and media have long promoted the demonisation of Islam narrative, lying to their own constituents and readership that there exists a conveyor belt from religious adherence to radicalisation, to violence. Such a notion has no more credibility than alleging that people following a vegan diet bear responsibility for violent animal rights activists; i.e. utter nonsense. All evidence is contrary to this theory, but they aren’t to be deterred by such details, as the aim of their slander is to demonise Islam and Muslims, out of fear that the Western oppressive hegemony will be questioned as people become aware of its crimes. The radicalisation/extremism/fundamentalism that the establishment speaks of and fears is nothing more than awareness of the political Islamic rules which challenge oppression, as opposed to the secular mindset which ignores it, leaving the secular capitalist elite to continue their rampage of exploitation, violence and tyranny unopposed.

The tyrant regime in Syria is today the leader of rape gangs in the world. Yet it is unopposed, even protected, by America, Russia and their allies, including Britain. There is no hint of Islam motivating such despicable thugs, just as Islam has nothing to do with the motivation for rapists and child abusers in Britain, even though men from Muslim backgrounds are allegedly involved in both cases, there is no causal link.

A recent press release by the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir stated “For us as Muslims, the inviolability of a woman and the protection of her honour – whether Muslim or non-Muslim – is a requirement of our faith. Thus the Assad regime regards the systematic rape and torture of Muslim women as a means to torment and break the will of the Muslims and force them to give up on their Islamic uprising. Official records state that 13,581 women have been held in Assad’s dungeons since the first day of the Islamic uprising in 2011, many have been raped… Furthermore, it is proven by evidence that more than 65,000 people have lost their lives under the most unimaginable torture, sexual violence and starvation in the dungeons of the Assad regime.” (March 16)

The Assad regime, along with all the other Western backed regimes in the Muslim world, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and others, have long had a green light to rape and torture both men and women, to terrorise their population into submission, lest they stand up to oppose the Western colonialists’ interests. It is only the adherence to Islam and the awareness of its political system, the Khilafah (Caliphate) on the way of the Prophethood that motivates brave men and women to risk everything, including such abuse, to oppose these tyrannical regimes. This opposition of the “radicalised” Muslims who use only political means to call for real change is the greatest fear of the criminal capitalist Western elite, as they risk losing their hegemony throughout the world. The ordinary people, who are victims of such an oppressive rule, have nothing to fear from the implementation of Islam.

It is the same secular elite in Britain who are deliberately deceiving their own constituents and readership, as they desperately try to insinuate links between Islam and the actions of criminals in Britain, while ignoring their own support for such criminals here and overseas. No link between Islam and such crimes exist nor will ever exist. Their false narrative alleges that Islamic culture produces a misogynistic and racial hatred for white women. Islam shuns all racial discrimination, while Western nationalist culture causes it and fuels it. Islam condemns the misogyny that is very much alive in British secular culture. Moreover, it is worth noting that the largest demographic converting to Islam in the West are white women.

Islam was clearly not a motivating factor for Karen MacGregor and Shelley Davies, the two elderly British women already convicted in the Rotherham abuse case. Nor for the celebrity child abusers that Operation Yewtree is uncovering, nor those allegedly linked to the British Parliament. Moreover, in about 90% of cases the abuser is a person known to the child, but almost ignored by the media, who prefer lucrative sensational headlines over the mundane.

The sinister attempt to fabricate a link, however, diverts attention from debate about the real causes of such criminality. Secular nationalist identity is very much a factor in discriminatory attitudes prevalent in Britain today. Liberal secular culture, with its inability to unify different peoples, always forcing groups of minorities to be left out, is the background to the allure of gang culture. The same liberal predatory culture which devalues human life and makes everyone “fair-game” is the background to all of the sexual abuse that is rife in the West, both open and secret. With such a corrupt liberal culture rammed down the throat of every citizen, it is no wonder that the moral compass of some gets warped. If the dominant secular values are ignored, then circumstantial factors may incorrectly be viewed as causes.

Muslims and all those who genuinely care for the victims of the rape gangs, prostitution rings, sex traders and tyrannical regimes, should not allow their suffering to be used by the deceptive secular elite, who only wish to hide their own crimes while trying to pin blame on others.

We should demand that the negative culture that is based upon the secular values be debated and condemned.

We should demand that the truth be told about government collusion with the Assad regime and others.

We must educate the world about Islam, its justice and mercy, which will not allow anyone following it to participate in the abusive practices of gangs, nor support them here or overseas.


Yahya Nisbet

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Britain

Tuesday, 02nd Rajab 1439 AH

20/03/2018 CE

Ref. 1439 AH / 13