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Sarkozy labels burqa symbol of enslavement but ignores women’s subjugation in secular liberal France

London UK, 26th June 2009 – In a speech to the French parliament last Monday, President Nicolas Sarkozy made clear his views towards the burqa describing it an unacceptable symbol of women’s enslavement. He said “The burqa is not a religious sign; it is a sign of the subjugation, of the submission of women. I want to say solemnly that it will not be welcome on our territory.”

It is laughable that Mr. Sarkozy talks of enslavement of women while he is married to Carla Bruni, a former nude model – a profession that many women consider as the embodiment of female enslavement to men.

While attacking the burqa, he conveniently ignores the subjugation of women in secular liberal France where:

* 2 million women suffer domestic violence
* 400 are murdered each year by their spouse
* approximately 38,000 are raped each year

Sarkozy continued his onslaught on the burqa, stating that women who adopt the dress are “prisoners behind a grille, cut off from social life, deprived of their identity.”

The irony is that many Muslim women would say the current headscarf ban in France has created exactly this situation for them.

He concluded his tirade saying “All views must be expressed … I tell you, we must not be ashamed of our values, we must not be afraid of defending them.”

Regarding these comments, Sultanah Parvin, women’s deputy media representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain said, “Sarkozy should be ashamed of secular liberal values that proudly display open intolerance, relegating to second class citizens those who adopt religious beliefs that are not in line with its fundamentalist view on life. He should be ashamed of defending values that allow men to exploit the bodies of women for profit and a ‘moulin rouge’ society. It is rank hypocrisy to preach about freedom while talking of banning Muslim women from dressing according to their religious convictions. There is in fact much for Sarkosy and those who agree with him to be ashamed of.”

“This current outburst clearly shows that while public outrage in the UK continues at racist groups such as the BNP gaining seats in the European elections, liberal fascism has already found a loving home within the corridors of power in France.”

“Muslim women do not need lessons in women’s rights from a renowned womanizer and philandering adulterer whose second claim to fame is being married to a nude model.”

“Mr. Sarkozy and the French establishment’s desperation at the droves of Muslim and non-Muslim women rejecting secular liberalism in France and across the world and adopting Islam as their spiritual, social and political path in life is overtly clear. The intellectually flawed capitalist secular liberal creed has made disrespect for women in society a norm.”

“In contrast, Islamic laws and values offer a society with dignity for the woman, strong family units, and ensures healthy cooperation of men and women in public life while simultaneously guarding the honour of both.”