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Rustam Batrov Proposes to Replace Caliphate with Muftiate

On the 6th of June 2020, one more article was published on the popular Tatarstan portal “Business Online” by the former deputy of head of the Muslim Board of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Batrov entitled “Rustam Batyr: “It is important to understand that the muftiate is in fact the Caliphate”.

“Modern caliphatists trying to fish for adherents on the territory of Russia invariably discredit the institution of the Spiritual Boards. They claim that it was created against the interests of Muslims, but in reality things were exactly the opposite”, – he said.

Recall that this is not a first article from Batrov’s on this portal, he regularly publishes texts with anti-Islamic content, calling for the ideas of abandoning the Noble Sunna and the reform of religion as a whole.


Batrov, as usual, publishes articles on the pages of this resource with loud shocking titles designed for a wide audience, for people who have experienced curiosity. The reader of the text, according to the author’s idea, should have doubt in about Islamic aqeedah and Islamic Sharia.

In addition, people who are closely acquainted with Batrov personally and with his reality note that they do not believe that Batrov is the true author of the published texts. It is more likely that some analytical center, controlled by special services, creates products for a regional audience that are aimed at the only threat to Moscow’s colonial control over the Muslim regions of the Volga and Urals – Islam.

Batrov’s main idea in the article is that the institute of spiritual boards of Muslims in Russia, founded by Catherine the Second, is similar to the Caliphate, and the Caliphate is not needed at all. “The Caliphate, led by Quraysh, is far from the most viable idea for Russian Muslims, so the institute of the Muftiate is born in its place”, – Batrov concludes, trying to arouse indignation among the nationalist reader about restricting the right to rule Quraysh.

Batrov graduated from the Volga-Vyatka Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation with a degree in jurisprudence, after which he was inculcated  to the Tatarstan Muftiate, where he quickly rose up the career ladder, quickly taking the post of chairman of the Council of Ulema of the DUM of the RT (2010-2013), and after that, as the first deputy chairman of the DUM RT, in essence, running all the affairs in a large religious structure. Having ordered 4 years in 2017 by the forces of the regional authorities (they saw him as a threat to themselves), this agent of special services was dismissed from the muftiat with a scandal, after which he openly announced his Koranitic beliefs and began to actively support them, receiving widespread support from the media connected with the authorities.

Public and religious figures, theologians, preachers and thinkers are responsible for protecting the people from vicious thoughts spread by unfaithful invaders through their puppets and agents. However, they should not succumb to emotions and draw their attention to Batrov’s persona with their answers, because the Russians are hoping for exactly that; they need a public discussion between representatives of the «Muslim nationality» about what is categorical and undeniable in Islam. In this situation, it is important to observe political insight and strengthen Islamic political appeal, explaining to the people their true colonized position and revealing the plans of the unfaithful Russian colonialist who has been dreaming for 500 years how to get rid of Islam from our heads, making us Christians.

Batrov and similar to him traitors of faith and traitors of our people appeared in the past and will appear in our future; however, our reaction to such people as Batrov and to such words as he speaks is important.


Mohammad Mansour