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Russia: I Swear by Almighty Allah to be the Guardian of Islam and Faithful to Him!

Praise is to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. Peace and blessings to Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, to all the members of his family, all his followers and all those who are on the truth until the Day of Judgment.

The accusation against me of belonging to Hizb ut Tahrir is not new.In 2010-2011, I was already accused of similar acts, only under another Article 282.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Although in this case they said that I was “Masoul” (member of the local party apparatus), but the court came to the conclusion that these actions can be regarded as participation in the organization of Hizb ut Tahrir, and not as an organizer.

It’s remarkable how the authorities assessed the danger that may come from Hizb ut Tahrir and its members.

If in 2011, for the same actions, I was sentenced to one year of imprisonment, and then, having canceled this decision, I was fined 100 thousand rubles, now my actions are considered to be 15 to 20 years. The punishment was toughened more than 10 times. For what?

All the activities of Hizb ut Tahrir have not changed, and my actions too. I have not stopped participation in Hizb ut Tahrir since 2008.

I am the party member, and I do not understand why my ongoing deed was divided into two articles, because my participation in Hizb ut Tahrir was unchanged.

I love the party of Hizb ut Tahrir for the sake of Allah, I love my brothers in this party and I am proud of their steadfastness despite such huge terms for which they are imprisoned.

The Russian authorities declared war on Islam.

This is reflected in Russia’s participation in the revolution in Syria, also Russia plans to participate in the conflict in Afghanistan, Yemen and other regions with a Muslim population.
This struggle goes under the guise of combating terrorism. In the minds of people, Islam and terrorism have become identical.

For some reason, only Muslims are accused of terrorism in Russia. The choice is yours, to be or not to be the instrument of an unjust power, the executioner of this system.

And everyone, when presented to the Lord of this universe, will be asked for this choice.
The forces of Truth and Lies, the forces of Good and Evil will fight among themselves until the Day of Judgment. Allah promises that victory will be for Islam, and the promises of Allah are true.

Hizb ut Tahrir is the party that will be at the source of this promise.

And in the end: I swear by Almighty Allah to be the guardian of Islam and faithful to him, to accept the views, thoughts and constitution of Hizb ut Tahrir in words and actions, to trust the leadership of Hizb, executing his decisions, even if they contradict my view, and make their efforts on the way the fulfillment of Hizb’s goal, while I am Hizbiy.

Allah is a witness to what I say, Allah is sufficient to me as the Trustee, Protector and Guardian.
Rabi-ul Awwal 1439 AH – December 2017 CE