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Rulers are Indifferent as Millions Suffer in Floods

O People of Power! Remove these Uncaring, Cold-Hearted Rulers and Re-Establish the Khilafah in their Place

One third of Pakistan was exposed to floods. More than 1500 people lost their lives. One million houses were destroyed. Thirty-five million people were affected by the flood, including sixteen million children. However, for the democratic leadership of Pakistan, the death and destruction was just a photo shoot opportunity. They feigned sympathy to the people, by wetting clothes with flood water, distributing small amounts of food and conducting aerial surveys of the stranded and helpless people, as if this relieved them of their responsibility.

Instead of fully engaging itself in flood relief, the political leadership is busy in the appointment of a new army chief and the election game, whilst the military leadership is caught in the struggle over the next army chief. The Prime Minister, Shehbaz Sharif, went to London to bury Queen Elizabeth II, as if the burial could not take place without him. Similarly, the opposition PTI is occupied in its rallies, publicity stunts, social media campaigns, secret meetings and backdoor contacts. The PTI’s Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial governments are busy pursuing political and personal interests. This is all whilst flood victims cry for food and basic necessities, under the open sky, without a roof. They are now also helpless against water borne diseases such as cholera, dengue and malaria.

According to an estimate, damaged cause by the floods has cost more than thirty billion dollars. Standing crops were destroyed. Millions of cattle were affected by the flood. In such a dire situation, the entire state machinery, rulers, bureaucracy, army, police, civil defense, ministers, public representatives and state medical staff, must be mobilized. However, nothing like that was seen. The government did not even open its granaries and the treasury. Instead, the mouth of the treasury opens only for making interest payments, not for the people, whilst the priorities of the rulers is to mourn the passing of the colonialist Queen of Great Britain, not to share the pain of the people.

The Khilafah Rashidah showed how to deal with disasters such as famine and floods. When famine struck Hijaz in 18 Hijri, the entire state machinery was mobilized to alleviate the crisis, whilst the entire leadership was fully engaged in providing relief. Substantial relief, including food and clothing, was sent from the provinces of Egypt and Ash-Sham. The Khaleefah Umar (ra) was personally engaged in substantial relief efforts, whilst eating the bare minimum, without distractions. This was the substantial, Ummah wide reaction of the Khilafah (Caliphate) in response to a natural calamity. It is a stark contrast to Democracy, where Shahbaz Sharif narrates research regarding global warming, whilst begging for funds.

The neglect during floods has made clear that it is time to bury secular Democracy. None of these rulers had any sense of responsibility before the floods, so what of now and the future? This is the time to overthrow them, remove them and re-establish the Khilafah.

O Officers of the Armed Forces of Pakistan! What more reason do you need to mobilize? In Sindh and Balochistan, the absence of the state machinery, resources and attention is apparent. The ruling party and the opposition are busy in the power clash over the province of Punjab, whilst the votes of Sindh and Baluchistan do not count in this clash. The lives and future of millions of people depend on your decision, stance and action. Grant Nussrah now to re-establish the Khilafah and free your people from this cruel system and cold-hearted rulers. Allah (swt) said,

(يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا كُونُوا أَنْصَارَ اللَّه)

“O Believers, become Allah’s helpers” [As-Saff, 61:14].

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25 Safar 1444 – Wednesday, 21st September 2022
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