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Reviving the Social Security Law is a Crime and a Denial of People’s Livelihood and a New Drain Added by the Palestinian Authority to Attack their Steadfastness and Economy

With cunning and deceit, these days the Palestinian Authority (PA) is seeking to revive the notorious Social Security Law, against which people stood strong years ago, rejecting the assault on their wealth, the fruits of their efforts and their livelihood under the pretext of “guaranteeing them!” Today, it is working to repeat the same once again with formal amendments that do not change the essence of the previous version or its adverse effects except by disguising it, so that people find a new catastrophe in the economy with what is known as the Social Security law.

As for it being a new calamity added by the PA, this is because what the people will feel from the application of this law is nothing but its negative economic effects, and the losses are more than the spoils, as there are no gains. This is because the current wages are insufficient for their owners in the first place prior to deduction, so how about when they are being deducted from wages, especially in light of the great erosion of wages due to the high prices. As for the markets, deducting funds from wages and withdrawing them from the spending cycle will only add to the stagnation, especially with what is happening in them in terms of the lack of funds and salary cuts by the PA and the poor performance in light of the siege of the Jewish entity. As for businesses, interests, and institutions that also suffer from what the market suffers from, the application of the law will only increase them with burdens and costs, and these added costs will not find a way for them except to be added to the prices of goods and services provided to people, thus increasing the price more expensively, otherwise many of them will be closed or escape from an environment that drives away investment and does not produce it.

Therefore, the re-introduction of the Security Law is fatal to people, and a new drain on top of what the people of the Blessed Land suffer from siege and exhaustion, as if the state of economic deterioration that people are in is intended to be deepened to make people in their hardship of living and prevent them from thinking about their occupied land and their defiled Aqsa.

As for the other matter, this fund has no real guarantor, and here is the crux of the calamity. The PA is not a guarantee, neither in its performance nor in its history full of corruption, but not even in its survival, apart from being a guarantor, and what are the funds of the Palestinian National Fund, the Pension Fund, and the Khalid Al-Hasan Hospital Fund for Cancer and the “Stance for Glory” is only the tip of the iceberg and examples of the fate of the funds to be collected and their fate. Indeed, the experiences of guarantee funds even among those who are more experienced than the authorities, such as Jordan, for example, and other Arab countries indicate that they are a breeding ground for corruption, and a field for people’s money losses and insufficiency. As for the issue of investing the fund’s money, the history of such investments often results in bankruptcy, indebtedness, and robbery by the authority, on top of being an investment that cannot be occupied or ventured into foreign investment from which the local economy does not benefit in any way.

The purpose of such funds is not to protect workers or employers or to secure a decent life for people, as the authority is far from that. Rather, the matter is nothing more than an attempt by the Palestinian Authority to seize new resources to finance itself, as it has no permanent components and no sources except people’s pockets, and it also finances its inability to spend on its failed project that consumes resources, that project whose essence and function was nothing but protection of the Jewish entity and its security, and that is when the security services were inflated for this purpose, so the treasuries went bankrupt and consumed everything, and now they want to make deductions from the workers’ wages to finance all of that, and the guarantee slogans are nothing but deception and sowing dust in the eyes, as if they, as an authority under occupation, have something from their command or they can guarantee even one thing.

The Palestinian Authority is accustomed in covering its legislation by adopting so-called decrees by laws, and so, with the stroke of a pen for a “decision by law”, it legitimized for itself theft of people’s money and risking it or consuming it unjustly, and in this way it is the first to give a reason for the “lack of guarantee” for these funds to the stroke of the pen itself also by change in laws or modification. Hence, it was necessary for the people, and the situation as well as those who tamper with their money and gnaw at their steadfastness, to stand up to this authority and its laws, which lead them from one bottom to another, and from one fatality to another, and increase their misery over the domination of the Jewish entity.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in the Blessed Land – Palestine

Press Release
27 Shawwal 1444 – Wednesday, 17th May 2023
No: BN/S 1444 / 16