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Response to As-Siddiq Islamic Primary School’s Attack

A few days ago, some Dutch newspapers discussed briefly the shooting incident that took place at the Islamic As-Siddiq School, north of the city of Amsterdam, bullet holes were seen in the walls of the school and in classes and also on the doors, and even children’s drawings did not escape the bullets. Despite this, the Dutch police considered it as a usual disruptive incident, since there was nothing directly indicating that the incident was aimed at the school. As a result of this conclusion, Amsterdam’s Municipality had decided not to increase security at the school.

Initially, the police have concluded that this vandal attack is usual, though the least to be said about this conclusion is that it is very strange, especially since the investigations are still ongoing and are not over yet, and they at the same time do not have the slightest idea about perpetrators and what they were aiming for behind this attack, so how can this attack be described as usual?! Thus, what  is stated by the police is untrue and clearly biased, and as long as there is uncertainty about this attack, then all possibilities are open, it is likely that the shooting attack on the Islamic school is an unintentional act of vandalism, but it is also likely to be a deliberate act of vandalism.

This is what we suspect, but if we compare these two possibilities, especially in the conditions of the polarization that prevails in the Netherlands, then the second possibility becomes more likely, that it is an intentional act with malicious intent, so the claim that the shooting of a Muslim school is a normal thing, as if it means nothing, is a weak claim and raises a lot of questions.

In addition, they should have opted in such matters, as a precaution, for the worst case scenario, i.e. that the incident was an act of intentional vandalism, right? Because if we consider that the perpetrators of the attack are people with malicious intentions, which is probable, then this means that children are in great danger. Can anyone imagine if a Jewish school, for example, came under a similar attack like the Islamic school, which option will be taken, and what will the authorities’ position be? Will it be seen as a usual act of vandalism? Or an attack against Semitism and a terrorist act?

And that all Jewish institutions which enjoy protection by the state will have an even more tightened security? We think that the answer is clear.

Here we do not intend to talk about double standards when it comes to Muslims, because this has become very clear to the Muslims and others, and needs no proof, however, what we want to point out  to is the result of this behavior and the message carried with it, what is the message they want to deliver if they did not provide protection for children, parents and teachers of an Islamic schools, in spite of the presence of an expected threat? At a time when parents have stated their deep concern and fear when sending their children to the Islamic schools? This is taking into account the current policy that threaten Islamic schools on different fronts and are trying to prevent its existence; As-Siddiq School  had been threatened with closure in the year 2009, so this policy is conducive and is designed to discourage those working to establish Islamic schools and institutions.

This weak position of the authorities despite their ability to influence public opinion against such crimes is an affirmation of the policy that aims to discourage the resolve of the Muslims.


Okay Pala

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in The Netherlands

Monday, 18th Rabii’ II 1438 AH

16/01/2017 CE

No.: 05/1438 AH