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Ramadan: Leave ‘Entertaining’ Da’wah and Enforce Sharia and Khilafah Da’wah

Ahead of this Ramadan, Fauzil Adhim – a bestseller Muslim writer in Indonesia, wrote his dismay in a column of Hidayatullah.com regarding the Da’wah phenomenon in this largest Muslim country. He conveyed there’s a terrifying moment when more groups preach, but the Da’wah has disappeared. It’s really worrying time – when the teaching of Islam is everywhere, but someone standing just only conveys what will please their listeners. Whereas the most important essence of Da’wah is conveying the glad tidings and warnings; calls for the ma’ruf and prevent from munkar.


Fauzil Adhim really has a strong reason. The rampant of dakwahtainment (entertainment da’wah) through television programs which exploit the rhetoric Da’wah but poor content, the marriage of Da’wah rhetoric with elements of entertainment and comedy, as well as the popularity of young Da’I (preacher) with high rates and having similarity with celebrity lifestyle, cause for serious concern. Especially this moment of Ramadan – da’wah entertainment program getting increased, adorning the TV stations in Indonesia at the dawn of time and ahead of the iftar. Finally, Da’wah with the jokes and delivered by popular young preachers is increasingly in demand by the people.

This phenomenon shows that capitalism has been working to change the da’wah become “industry” in accordance with their values and in line with the demands of rating, market and entertainment industries. The Sharia of Islam eventually narrowed merely becomes a commodity to entertain the public, while the noble Islamic teachings and Islamic thought has lack of space in the media and public attention, because at the same time a massive effort to give a negative stigma against the teachings of Islam continues. Contents of ideological Da’wah continue to be labeled radical and fundamentalist, as the media becoming more discriminative, entertainment Da’wah has gained space and facilities, while the ideological da’wah of Islam is getting marginalized.

Whereas according to Sheikh Abdul Latif Uweidhah in his book, Haml ad-Da’wah Wajibat wa Shifat, carrying da’wah is delivering the message of Islam properly and seriously. According to him, da’wah carriers do the efforts or activities to convey the message of the treatise of Islam. According to him anyway, someone who has status as a da’wah carrier required to always remain straight and istiqamah in two respects. First: straight and istiqamah in the treatise (Islam) which he delivered. Second: straight and steadfastness in the efforts of carrying Islam. This requirement certainly by the virtue of Islam alone. It’s not based on public appetite, so the da’wah content being created in order to not monotonous, lightweight, easy to digest and entertaining. This is what Fauzil Adhim called “NOT carrying Da’wah” because only passing what will please the listeners.

The noble Islamic messages including Aqeedah, Sharia and Khilafah should be delivered through the verbal of righteous da’wah carrier. Allah سبحانه وتعالى says:

وَمَآ أَرْسَلْنَـٰكَ إِلَّا رَحْمَةًۭ لِّلْعَـٰلَمِينَ

“And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds.”

(Al Anbiya: 107)

Islam the mercy for the universe that has been promised by Allah the Almighty will be realized through the implementation of Sharia under the Khilafah (Caliphate) upon the method of the Prophethood. Khilafah will bring only goodness for mankind, Muslim and non-Muslim. This is the true Da’wah that must be carried by the preachers throughout Muslim lands. It is Da’wah for Sharia and Khilafah.


Fika Komara