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Q&A: What is the Reason for Netanyahu’s Strange and Emergency Visit to London?


Netanyahu visited Moscow on 12/9/2019 in a critical election period less than two weeks before the elections of the Jewish entity. Before that on 5/9/2019 he quickly visited Britain and met with the British Prime Minster who is burdened with Brexit; at a time when Johnson suffered successive defeats in the British Parliament regarding the Britain leaving the European Union without agreement. It is clear from these visits as if Netanyahu is in a hurry! What is behind these seemingly strange and emergency visits? Are they for electoral reasons or for various other purposes?


The circumstances in which the visits took place indicate that the purpose is not electoral although the international tours benefit Netanyahu in the elections, but it is not the intended purpose according to the international and regional circumstances of the visit. To get a clear picture, we review the following briefly:

First: The description of these visits as strange and emergency, especially his visit to London, is an accurate description. The Prime Minister of the Jewish entity met with British Prime Minister Johnson who is surrounded by circles of parliamentary setbacks regarding the implementation of his promises to remove Britain from the European Union on 31/10/2019 with or without a deal. He is unable to focus on international issues outside Brexit and some MPs from his party are rebelling against him and Parliament votes on the need to agree with Brussels and demands a further three-month delay. Britain’s House of Lords ratifies Parliament’s swift decisions and there are calls for him to resign. His visit under Britain’s difficult circumstances is indeed strange and an emergency one. Unless it was for an urgent and persisting matter, it would have not taken place.

What is more ambiguous about this emergency visit is another issue. It is his meeting with US officials in London. The visit of US Vice President, Pence, was scheduled to Britain since the White House announced it on 14/8/2019 to discuss issues relating to the future of US-British relations after Brexit and discussing the “threat of Chinese influence” through 5G telecommunications networks planned to be built in Britain by the Chinese company “Huawei”. It was not scheduled then that the US Secretary of Defense will accompany the Vice President in his visit, and meeting with officials from the Jewish entity in Britain was not scheduled too, according to Al-Watan Newspaper on 14/8/2019 in the statement issued by the White House. Netanyahu met with the US and British defense ministers as reported by the BBC on 6/9/2019. Despite the news reports of Netanyahu’s meeting with the US Secretary of Defense, but his meeting with the Vice President was not mentioned by any source even though they are both present in London, which indicates that they met in secret! It seems that the vice president’s meetings were secret to warn both parties of any planning outside US policy!

Second, these sudden visits came in the context of related interrelated events:

1- The United States has abandoned any protection for the vessels of other countries. President Trump expressed (his displeasure with what he called “the United States’ protection of the sea lanes for years without charge” in the Strait of Hormuz, calling on the world, especially China and Japan, to “protect their ships themselves.” TRT Arabi 29/7/2019). US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also said that Britain “has a responsibility to protect its own ships, Anadol agency 22/7/2019), which means easing US pressure on Iran to detain other ships.

2- Despite the uncertainty surrounding British policy since its people voted for Brexit in 2016 and the widespread uncertainty about its implementation, politicians in Britain occasionally experiment with policies that show emancipation from the restrictions of the European Union, and show the unilateral English will, such as, the British have exploited the tension of America’s relations with Iran and its withdrawal from the nuclear agreement and the wave of ship bombings in the Gulf, so Britain, contrary to the directions of the European Union, detained an Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar on 4/7/2019; that is while the European countries are trying to ease the tension with Iran and show that it is not being dragged behind the US policy of revoking the nuclear agreement and its attempts to find a European mechanism for trade and financial exchange with Iran, in these circumstances, Britain broke this trend and strained the atmosphere with Iran. It is likely that Britain was pushing America into the abyss of war with Iran, especially after the British crisis deepened with Iran after Britain released the Iranian tanker Grace 1 on 15/8/2019 that was detained after Iranian guarantees that the ship will not go to Syria, which is under sanctions from the European Union. After a long wave of camouflage to Greece and then to Turkey, the Iranian tanker named Adrian Daria-1 has arrived to Syria, according to ART 6/9/2019 that quoted the Middle East Eye website in London. By going to Syria in violation of Iran’s assurances to Britain, Britain would have received a slap in the face. Until now, Iran is still holding the British oil tanker Stilo Ambro and did not release it! This is a second blow to Britain. The British Navy’s “HMS Montrose” has also been the subject of many skirmishes by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. According to Will King, the commander of the warship, (“the ship was subjected almost to daily harassment by the Iranian Guards in the waters of the Gulf”  (Independent Arabia 3/9/2019).

3- The Jewish entity’s Bombing of Iranian targets, especially in Syria and Iraq:

a- During the years of the ash-Sham revolution, the Jewish entity used to bomb Iranian targets inside Syria without receiving a response from the ‘axis of resistance’. The Jewish entity increased its attacks and targeted leaders of the Iranian-Lebanese party in Syria. Iran denied that these attacks inside Syria had targeted them as if the killing by the Jewish entity of Syrians or members of its party in Lebanon does not concern it; what is important is that it denies the Iranian casualties directly, and finally the Jewish entity announced a major targeting of Iran inside Syria [Israeli army spokesman said that Israeli aircraft bombed on Saturday, August 24, 2019 Iranian forces near Damascus that were planning to launch drones towards targets in Israel. The Army said in a statement: “The strike targeted Al-Quds Battalions Force (Failaq Al-Quds) and Shiite militias planning to reinforce plans to launch attacks targeting locations in Israel from within Syria in recent days”. A military spokesman told reporters the troops were preparing to launch “lethal drones” into Israel. (Deutsche Welle 24/8/2019)]. This represented a direct and public military harassment and a challenge by the Jewish entity in Iran, which opened the door wide to the possibility of war between them if Iran retaliated. Despite the deaths of Iranians during the attacks of the Jewish entity [Syrian Observatory confirmed on Sunday the deaths of two Hezbollah fighters and one Iranian in an “Israeli” strike near Damascus. (Al-Arabiya net 25/8/2019)]. However, because America does not want Iran to engage in a war with the Jewish entity that could drag it into its hell, Iran has denied Iranian casualties in the raid.

b- In Iraq, since the beginning of August 2019, the Jewish entity has been targeting weapons stores that belonged to Iran and Iranian experts inside the Popular Mobilization Camps (Al-Hasd Ash-Sha’bi).This is a major escalation by the Jewish entity against Iran, such as the attack on the Saq” base of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization south of Baghdad on 12/8/2019. It was the third attack in weeks, and the bombing of the Shuhada camp in Salah ud-Din. It also belongs to the Popular Mobilization. The Jewish entity directly targeted Iranian weapons stores and experts [AFP quoted a police officer in Salah ud-Din as saying, after inspecting the site of the bombing, that the dead from the Tribal Mobilization, and the two wounded are “two Iranian military engineers” who were in the camp. (Arab 48, 12/8/2019)], then the attack on 25/8/2019 near the Iraqi city of Qaim on another camp and mobile vehicles; to ease the tension Iraq was reporting a small number of victims, and Iran did not announce its victims, but it has become publicly clear that the Jewish entity is challenging Iran and its direct presence in Iraq as well as Syria.

Third, and in consideration of the above, we conclude the following:

1- Britain, who was insulted by Iran through harassment of its ships in the Gulf and the continued detention of its ship; all of which pushed it to start a war against Iran that involves America and of course Britain will participate in it to avenge itself from Iran. This is why it is not keen to tone down the violent language against Iran; this is why it rejected the American optimistic tone in the statement of American Defense Secretary: “It seems somehow that Iran is slowly approaching a situation where we can hold talks and we hope it will go on like this,” US Defense Secretary Esper told the Royal United Services Institute in London.

When asked in a news conference later on what the remarks were based on, Esper said they were “in the light of some comments made by the Iranians after the G7 summit.” [Reuters 6/9/2019). Britain has consistently rejected this tone, even if it is implied, (the British Defense Secretary said on Friday in a news conference with Esper that Britain would always help the United States on the path to talks with Iran if an agreement could be reached, but he stressed the need to judge Iran through deeds rather than words (Reuters 6/9/2019)]. Thus, Britain has become at the heart of the heated crisis related to Iran. Consequently, Britain has factors to ignite a war against Iran and it is converging with the Jewish state for this purpose. Even the attacks of the Jewish entity have intensified in Syria on 24/8/2019, Iraq and Lebanon on 25/ 8/2019, after Iran seized the British oil tanker in the Gulf on 22/7/2019, in a manner similar to harmony with Britain. Thus it is not difficult to say that Britain is pushing the Jewish entity to war with Iran and its arms in the region and that it is recruiting energies to engage it in this war.

2- The Jewish state actually fears the power of Iran and wants to ignite a war against it, and to involve America in it. It noticed America’s leniency towards Iran and that it does not want to go to war with it, but rather it is like political actions coated with military threats and tension in the Gulf for two purposes: to disturb Europe by frightening it for its ships and then to humiliate it through Iran, especially Britain, to go with America in its policy, and then to blackmail the Gulf countries financially under the pretext of protecting it from the danger of Iran! The tension in the Gulf is not intended as an American war against Iran, and this is confirmed by America’s actions towards Iran; Iran shot down the US drone on 20/6/2019 and America handled the matter quietly, as well as the repeated statements about not going to war with Iran and not toppling the regime. Moreover, when the crisis intensifies, it authorizes negotiations with Iran! As what we saw in the statement above of America’s Defense Secretary to the Royal United Services Institute “It seems somehow that Iran is slowly approaching a situation where we can talk and we hope it will go on like this,” (Reuters 6/9/2019),

This became even more apparent after the media reported that a meeting between Trump and Rouhani was expected on the sidelines of the General Assembly meeting in New York on sanctions and relations It was even reported by some newspapers as a deal! [The possibility of a US-Iranian deal forces Netanyahu to visit Moscow. The sources pointed out that Netanyahu is concerned about an Iranian-American deal that secures for the Islamic Republic to pursue its nuclear program and lift the US sanctions imposed on it. Reports said that the Israeli prime minister was most concerned about the future of the Iranian presence in Syria in the light of this deal … (Arabs: 09/09/2019)]. This is what also made Netanyahu visit Sochi to find out the Russian position if confrontation erupted, especially that Russia has agreements with Iran: [Netanyahu said before leaving for the Sochi resort to meet Putin: This is a very important trip and at this time, we work in a number of areas, 360 degrees to ensure the security of Israel, and against Iran’s attempts to attack us, we are working against them … (Middle East 12/9/2019)].

3- America realized the danger of the British policy of pushing the Jewish entity to war against Iran and its arms in the region. This war is not only harmful to Iran and its arms, but will hit the Jewish entity and America cannot remain a spectator while the Jewish entity is fighting a war. So America took that seriously immediately after the events of 25/8/2019 in Lebanon and Iraq and a day earlier in Syria. What is apparent is that America is working to thwart those attempts when America learned of the visit of the Prime Minister of the Jewish entity to Britain, which predominantly took the form of military planning, (Netanyahu was accompanied by the President of the National Security Council Meir Ben Shabat, and Navy commander Amikam Nurkin and Chief of Operations In the IDF Maj. Gen. Aharon Halewa).

Military planning with Britain means the use of the Jewish entity of the facilities of the English military bases Akrotiri and Diklia in Cyprus or the participation of British aircraft and navy in the two bases in the war in secret, and this is not at all unlikely in light of the slaps directed by Iran to Britain as mentioned above. When America learned this, it thwarted the visit by sending its Defense Secretary to London to meet with Netanyahu, examine the security needs of the Jewish entity, and to agree to listen to his security concerns about Iran to assure the Jewish entity of preserving its security and defending it against any threats, but also to discourage it from waging war, and its coordination with Britain.

Fourth: Thus, it is likely that the main purpose of Netanyahu’s visit to Britain was to consider steps to escalate the military confrontation against Iran in a way that leaves no room for the United States but to participate in it. Britain is expected to continue its approach to entice a Jewish entity with the war and military support by the use of British bases in Cyprus or so, and provide the necessary facilities in countries it controls, like Jordan and the UAE in particular. In return, America continues to push Iran and its arms to respond lightly without a strong response and this has been the focus of “the axis of resistance” for decades: “Response in the right place and time” or to respond for face-saving response without any real effect. This is in addition to America’s work within the Jewish entity to prevent war through US influence within the entity’s army. The situation is as it as in 2012 according to Jewish sources that the Jewish entity was spying on Iran to bomb it.

America spies on the Jewish entity to find out its plans against Iran and prevent them. This is the same equation today. Though America’s side of the scale against war is likely to happen compared to Britain’s of igniting the war, but the situation remains on the brink of explosion between the Jewish entity, tempted by Britain and its tools and support on the one hand, and Iran and its arms on the other. And the American directing on both fronts until the matter is settled on one side from all the parties!

The purpose of the visit to Russia is different from the purpose of visiting Britain; the first visit was to coordinate efforts between Netanyahu and Britain on the hot movement of events to confront Iran and to embarrass America by participating in it. Russia’s visit was to find out its position on Iran’s and its missiles presence in Syria, and if Russia can use “soft” pressure to pull Iran out from Syria or at least to distance itself from occupied Palestine enough to keep ballistic missiles away from harming the Jewish entity, and not to coordinate the confrontation with Iran; Russia has agreements with it. So coordination of confrontation against Iran is not expected to happen between Russia and the Jewish entity.

Fifth: and lastly the Ruwaibida (ignorant) rulers in the Muslim countries allow access to the Kafir colonialists even without their approval and permission! The Kafir colonialists interfere in the Muslims’ issues and put down solutions and draw plans to achieve their interests and to destroy the Muslims’ benefit. However if a Muslim group or party is established in the Muslim countries among them that calls to the truth and shows the correct Islamic solutions to our problems, by resuming the Islamic way of life and establishing the Khilafah (Caliphate), this group will be considered violating the law and will be trialed, tortured and imprisoned…etc. This is injustice but the truth will prevail and will destroy the falsehood وَسَيَعْلَمُ الَّذِينَ ظَلَمُوا أَيَّ مُنْقَلَبٍ يَنْقَلِبُونَ “And those who have wronged are going to know to what [kind of] return they will be returned” [Ash-Shu’ara: 227].

إِنَّ فِي ذَلِكَ لَذِكْرَى لِمَنْ كَانَ لَهُ قَلْبٌ أَوْ أَلْقَى السَّمْعَ وَهُوَ شَهِيدٌ

“Indeed in that is a reminder for whoever has a heart or who listens while he is present [in mind]” [Qaf: 37]


14 Muharram 1441 AH

13/9/2019 CE