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Q&A: The Presidential Summit between America and North Korea


A presidential summit between North America and North Korea was held by the meeting of the two Presidents, Trump and Kim on 12/6/2018 in Singapore. They signed a joint document at the end of the summit. The agreement was swift, noting that tension between them reached its peak last year when each of them threatened to hit each other with nuclear weapons. How did the agreement take place so quickly? What are its contents and results?


In order to understand the truth of the matter, we review the following:

1- America has tried repeatedly with escalating threats to make North Korea agree abandon its nuclear weapons, but these threats were of no avail, and North Korea did not surrender and did not abandon its program and nuclear weapons. Subsequently America resorted to other methods, including the political and diplomatic methods and economic pressures. One of those methods was for America put effort to make China pressurize North Korea. We mentioned in the Answer to Question dated 23/4/2017: Because of all the above, America is not prepared for the war in North Korea now, and has no other suitable solutions. It is waiting for China to pressure North Korea, and is trying to speed it up, and its statements that America is ready to solve the problem on its own (i.e., without China)is increasing, as if it is threatening China to obey America and pressurize Pyongyang to disarm its nuclear weapons. America announced through the Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Susan Thornton, said her country is not seeking conflict with North Korea or changing its regime: “The United States has clearly stated that it wants to solve this problem with North Korea through disarmament of nuclear weapon peacefully on the Korean Peninsula, we certainly do not focus on conflict or regime change.” (Russia Today, 17/4/2017). Diplomatic contacts between the two parties began through China. The pressures have been imposed through the imposition of economic sanctions and political siege by working to isolate it internationally and raise propaganda against it to force them to submit and prepare for nuclear disarmament. It also added the temptations of promises of a booming economy directly and through South Korea, which has begun to converge with North Korea and internationally open towards it.

2- Secret diplomatic contacts began through China, where former Secretary of State Tillerson contacted North Koreans via China in July 2017. He expressed his opposition to Trump’s reckless approach, which threatened to remove North Korea from the face of the earth, while Tillerson was secretly talking to the North Koreans in China! When the North Koreans heard the threats of Trump they left the talks and left China for their country… Tillerson was angry and called his President a moron on 20/7/2017 as revealed later NBC American channel on 4/10/2017 when it quoted three US officials. Trump wrote in a tweet on Twitter the day after Tillerson announced that America had direct channels of communication with North Korea: “I told Rex Tillerson, our wonderful Secretary of State, that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with little rocket man.” The same took place, that is the use of the threat during the talks when US Vice President Mike Pence tried to meet the North Koreans in South Korea when he visited it on the pretext of participating in the Winter Olympic Games. He was preparing for it when he said on 7/2/2018, when addressing the US forces present in Yokota Air Base in Japan ” will always seek peace. We will ever strive for a better future…” (Reuters, 7/2/2018) He said this whenhe was preparing to go to South Korea in an attempt to meet North Korean officials under the guise of attending the opening of the Winter Olympics in Pyeong Chang, about 80 Km from the border with North Korea… But Pence three days later on 10/2/2018 said: “There is no daylight between the United States, the Republic of Korea and Japan on the need to continue to isolate North Korea economically and diplomatically until they abandon their nuclear and ballistic missile program,” (Al Arabiya, 10/2/2018). This prompted North Korea to cancel the meeting with Pence, all of which indicates that the American political method adopted by Trump is to use threats to pressure the opponent during the talks and diplomatic contacts to make the opponent subject to what America wants. This is also confirmed by Mike Pompeo during his tenure as CIA chief: “The president is intent on delivering a solution through diplomatic means… We are equally, at the same time, ensuring that if we conclude that is not possible, that we present the president with a range of options that can achieve his stated intention,” (Reuters, 23/1/2018), and thus it combines with the diplomatic solution other options suggestive of the threat. It seems that this method, the threat during the diplomatic talks, did not please Tillerson because it embarrassed him as Secretary of State, so Trump removed him…

3- So this method did not work with North Korea, and they would stop the negotiations if there was any kind of threat. If China did not interfere, the summit would have not taken place, this is why Trump following the summit with Kim during his press conference in Singapore, “He thanked the Chinese President Xi Jinping, for his efforts in the past months to facilitate this historic summit” (AFP, 12/6/2018). China has exerted pressure on North Korea to make concessions. “North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made an unofficial visit to China from Sunday (25/3/2018) to Wednesday (28/3/2018),” the official Xinhua news agency reported on March 28, in which they comprehensively discussed the situation in the world and the Korean Peninsula, and the Chinese President Xi Jinping told his North Korean counterpart that China is committed to the goal of nuclear disarmament on the Korean Peninsula and to ensure the existence of peace and stability as well as solve the problem through dialogue and negotiations. The North Korean news agency reported “its leader Kim Jong-un visited China to personally congratulate Xi Jinping on the occasion of his re-election as president of China in line with the friendly traditions between the two countries…” and “He expressed the hope that his first visit to China will contribute to the establishment of peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula, declaring that he is ready to start a dialouge with America and South Korea as well as holding meetings with their leaders,” and he added: “Nuclear disarmament in Korea is possible if Washington and Seoul took concerted and united action to achieve peace. ” this is why Trump announced on his Twitter account on 28/3/2018 his joy of what was achieved from that visit: “Received message last night from XI JINPING of China that his meeting with KIM JONG UN went very well and that KIM looks forward to his meeting with me”. China presented North Korea to American as a sacrifice for its own interests, putting pressure on North Korea until it made its president ready to make concessions and meet the arrogant Trump. Especially since China has already been involved in political pressure, and in taking decisions in the Security Council to apply sanctions on North Korea. This has been a crucial factor in making North Korea ready to make concessions on its nuclear program. It believes that if it loses China‘s support and aid and China works to contain it and restrict it, North Korea will therefore suffer! North Korea therefore has made concessions! The Chinese Foreign Ministry revealed its influential role in North Korea’s decision, announcing that “Beijing has played a positive role on the Korean Peninsula” (Reuters, AFP, 23/5/ 2018). China has shown that it is keen to achieve its trade interests with America more than its ally that it does not achieve commercial profits from, and may even be harmed commercially because of it, even if it is a communist companion. The great communist state’s worries have become commercial and not the protection of other communist countries allied to it! As if China does not realize that America, while seeking to disarm North Korea, is using this issue to encircle China and prevent its control of the East China and South China Sea!

4- This is confirmed by China’s announcement of welcoming the summit and declaring its ally North Korea has given up its nuclear weapons for America. The Chinese top diplomat and State Councilor, Wang Yi, said after the summit:” We welcome and support the outcomes achieved at the summit…We hope that the DPRK and the US could follow through on the consensus reached by their leaders… towards achieving the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” he added, “At the same time, there is a need for a peace mechanism for the Korean Peninsula to defuse reasonable North Korean security concerns.” (Reuters, 12/6/201) If China had enough political awareness and strong political will, it would have not to pressed on North Korea, its ally in this way! But it proved that its horizon and political awareness of international politics are still narrow and its political will is still weak, so it was sufficed by taking care to ensure that their trade relations with America are good in return for subjecting North Korea to America, and did not look far ahead to what will this lead to. It is not unlikely that America works to win North Korea, bringing it closer to America than China, and that the United States is seeking to find a unity or a union between the two Koreas so that the new Korea becomes a force separate from the influence of China. Vietnam is not so distant example, as it became hostile to China after America united South Vietnam with the North in the Paris Convention in 1975!

5- China has played the key role in making North Korea agree to the summit meeting and to have nuclear disarmament at the table without discussing the nuclear disarmament of the United States. America is the only country that used it and spread corruption in the land, but China’s pressure has had an effective impact! So the summit was held… The summit was expected to last for two days but was shortened by one day and a comprehensive framework was agreed, indicating the speed with which North Korea responds to what America wants. North Korea destroyed a test site for nuclear testing to prove its willingness to give up its nuclear program, as well as the release of three Americans held it imprisoned. Trump expressed his joy for what he achieved: “A really fantastic meeting. A lot of progress.” while Kim considered this a historic event and said: “The world will see a big change.” (Reuters, 12/6/2018). They have signed a joint statement consisting of four points: First: the two parties are committed to establishing good relations according to the aspiration of the two peoples to peace and prosperity; second: the two sides will work to establish and promote a lasting and stable peace on the Korean Peninsula. Third: North Korea must commit to taking measures of full disarmament on the Korean Peninsula. The fourth point was linked to the humanitarian aspect, pledging to return the remains of American missing persons and prisoners since the Korean-American War (1950-1953). Trump described the agreement as “very comprehensive and very important” and Kim pledged in the statement “full disarmament of the Korean Peninsula”. (BBC, 12/6/2018). This statement indicates that there is a framework agreement, not an agreement on points that specify what was agreed upon, how to implement nuclear disarmament, its mechanisms and time and supervision of its implementation, and other things required by the agreement that can be immediately implementation as in the nuclear agreement with Iran, in which all these details were written…

6- Therefore, it is expected that the US will conduct negotiations and lengthy discussions with North Korea that may be extended for years. It seems that Trump wanted to complete a preliminary agreement quickly and settle the problem with North Korea, since he made the threats and can not retreat from them except by accomplishing something that shows that he succeeded in subjugating North Korea. As we said above, without China’s pressure, the Trump threats would not have resulted in this summit and North Korea’s announcement of its willingness to nuclear disarmament and sign it. Trump therefore has recorded a historic victory that could make him successful in the second round of the US presidential election when it takes place in just over two years and covers all the scandals that have been raised against him and has not stopped so far, and accusations of failure and criticism of others for his arrogance and stupidity. This is evidenced by Trump’s own words: “Un told me that his country is already destroying a missile test facility… We will lift sanctions when we take important steps on the issue of nuclear disarmament… We have not given up anything during the negotiations… We will stop military maneuvers targeting North Korea. I will call the White House at the right time,” he also said: “He signed a nuclear disarmament agreement with Un for nuclear disarmament, I think we have the framework for preparing for nuclear disarmament for North Korea.” (Al-Jazeera, 12/6/2018) Thus Trump wanted to end the file of tension with North Korea, showing that he achieved a great victory.

7- The termination of the file of tension with North Korea or calming it down helps Trump to devote himself to his commercial war with his allies and enemies! He has strained relations with his allies when he announced that he imposed on their exports of steel and aluminum to his country high customs taxes, considering the previous trade agreements with them unfair, he wrote on Twitter on 8/6/2018 when heading to the G7 summit in Quebec, Canada: “Looking forward to straightening out unfair Trade Deals with the G-7 countries. If it doesn’t happen, we come out even better!” French president Macron, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, said in a joint press conference rejecting these measures. “They are not ready to accept everything in order to issue a joint statement with America,” (AFP, 6/6/2018) Trump accused France and Canada of imposing huge fees on US goods and accused Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau of being “indignant”.

“There will be some big differences on many issues,” a Canadian official told reporters on the evening of June 7, 2018 (Reuters, 8/6/2018). Even French President Macron, who worked on the French-American rapprochement, could not contain himself and continue to move with America and hide his real opposition, which France does not master like the British. Macron said: “The other six members of the G7 may make up their own group if necessary,” he added criticising Trump “No leader stays forever.” (Reuters, 8/6/2018) The English cunningness appeared when Britain wanted to show that it does not accept these responses to keep its relation with America while inciting others against it. Prime Minister May told reporters: “She wants the EU to exercise restraint in its response to American tariffs and that the response should be proportionate and legal” (Reuters, 8/6/2018). The German Chancellor said in an interview with German television ARD on 10/6/2018 on Trump’s decision to withdraw his signature: “The withdrawal, so to speak, via tweet is of course sobering and a bit depressing, but it is not the end”. German Foreign Minister Haiku Maas in a tweet on Twitter in response to Trump’s tirade, “destroying a tremendous amount of confidence.” The tension surrounded the G7 Summit in Canada culminated in the attack on Trump by the leaders of other countries participating in the summit. Trump withdrew his signature in the joint statement of the G7 summit and accused the Prime Minister of Canada who presided over the summit as “dishonest and weak” (AFP, 10/6/2018). Trump arrived late to the summit and left before the end of the summit. Thus it appears that a trade war started, and it was declared by Trump on 2/3/2018 when he tweeted: “When a country (USA) is losing many billions of dollars on trade with virtually every country it does business with, trade wars are good, and easy to win.”All this shows that the trade war file is very important for America, as it continues to suffer from the repercussions of the financial crisis that erupted in 2008 with debts amounted to more than $ 20 trillion dollars, and President Trump who is business minded works to save the economy of America, raising the slogan “America first”. This threatens the disintegration of international institutions long used by America to impose its influence globally and thus the disintegration of the world order and the emergence of a new international position, where America no longer sacrifices in order to remain the leading state of the world, with the help of other countries and tolerance by making the balance of trade on its side, but it only cares about sovereignty with commercial profit without help from its allies so as to keep them under its umbrella and walk behind it.

8- The United States does not abide by any agreement and quickly withdraws or abandons it if it believes that its interests require to withdraw and break the agreement. It did so with North Korea in 2003 under George W. Bush, the son, and withdrew from the 1994 agreement signed with it by Bill Clinton. And its current president, Trump, who signed a joint statement with his allies at the G7 summit in Canada and then broke his agreement and withdrew his signature one day later. He broke the Iranian nuclear deal signed by his country under Obama in 2015. This agreement with North Korea is not guaranteed and it will threaten to break it to pressure North Korea to implement it when negotiations over it begins, whenever it opposes or rejects any of its items!

Breaking agreements and the arrogance and indifference to others and blackmailing others became a constant characteristic of America, and all these are factors of decline, sooner or later… The Khilafah Rashida (righteous caliphate) state will return to be the leading first state, Allah willing, to establish justice and maintain the covenant and spread the guidance and implements the truth and removes falsehood bringing the good to humanity and people live in security and safety in all fields. The Messenger of Allah ﷺ gave the glad-tiding of its return after this oppressive governance: «ثُمَّ تَكُونُ خِلَافَةً عَلَى مِنْهَاجِ النُّبُوَّةِ» “then there will be Khilafah on the method of Prophethood”, narrated by Ahmad from Hudhayfah may Allah be pleased with him, and this is easy for Allah to accomplish.


2 Shawwal 1439 AH

16/6/2018 CE