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Q&A: Condition of the Khaleefah: Justice


Our honorable Sheikh, may Allah give you victory and support you, Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

It was mentioned in the dossier of “Removing the Dust” on the verdict of the usurper dominant ruler the following: “The ruling of usurping the authority is to fight the usurper with an armed continuous fight until he is deposed or killed.” We know that one of the conditions of the Khaleefah is justice and that whoever killed and shed blood and usurped the Sultan (authority) from the nation lacks justice. Is there a contradiction between the above and the Answer to Question entitled (The Legislative (Shari’) Method of Establishing the Khilafah and the Dominant Sultan)? If there is no contradiction, do we have a new understanding of the dominant Sultan that eliminates the old understanding …? Please explain.

From Ubada Ash-Shami


Wa Alaikum Assalam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

As for what is mentioned in the dossier, it is no different from what is stated in the answer to question. It appears that your copy of the dossier is an old version that did not have the ruling on the dominant ruler, but the version in our hands it has the ruling of the dominant ruler …

The ruling of the dominant ruler is also found in the book of the Ruling System p. 57 (p. 64 English edition)

Thus, there is no contradiction between what is stated in the answer to the question and what is stated in the dossier.

As for justice being a condition for the Khaleefah, this is true. The dominant Sultan is not given Bayah unless he repents and reforms his matter, and people are convinced of his righteousness and give him Bayah. In other words, justice is achieved before the Bayah. As you know, whoever repents and corrects and reverts from his bad deeds then he is just and justice is achieved by him… It seems that you had some confusion on the issue as you thought that he would be given Bayah despite his domination and oppression. And you asked how would he be given a Bayah and he is not just, but the issue is not so. The Bayah for Khilafah is not given to him unless he repents and reforms, and people are convinced of him being just, and justice [fairness] is achieved in him then they pledge Bayah to him.

I hope this is clear.

Your brother,

Ata Bin Khalil Abu Al-Rashtah

26th Rajab 1438 AH

23/04/2017 CE


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