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Praise be to Allah, Ismail Alwahwah (Abu Anas) Released from the Dungeons of the Tyrants

Ismail Alwahwah (Abu Anas) has been released from prison in Jordan today after serving a one-year sentence for publishing remarks on his Facebook account critical of the Jordanian regime.

Whilst we are pleased with the news of Abu Anas’ release, we cannot forget the only criminal in this case is the Jordanian regime.

History will record, as will Allah (swt), the travesty that was Abu Anas’ detainment, let alone subsequent charges and conviction.

Abu Anas, like all members of Hizb ut Tahrir, campaign tirelessly and selflessly for the betterment of the Muslim condition. The Jordanian regime demonstrated in this case, as if any further demonstration was needed, that it regards as criminal any desire to live by Islam and oppose those who conspire against the Ummah.

The work of Hizb ut Tahrir will continue, as will the desire of the Ummah to bury its treacherous regimes, no matter how many bodies are imprisoned, as the love of Allah (swt), His Messenger ﷺ and His Shariah rests in the hearts of the believers. It is only a matter of time until Allah (swt) sends His nusrah (victory) to the sincere amongst His servants, a day Muslims eagerly anticipate whilst its enemies quiver with fear knowing their corruption will be replaced by the true justice of Islam.

Whilst we congratulate Abu Anas upon his release today, we cannot forget the countless more still unjustly detained by the tyrants in both the East and the West. We take this opportunity to remind the Ummah of its great responsibility to support and ultimately free all who are unjustly detained.

All praise is truly to Allah (swt).


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Australia

Thursday, 19th Sha’ban 1440 AH

25/04/2019 CE

No.: 1440 / 04