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Popular Movements in Algeria Remind Everyone of their Duty

Algeria is witnessing popular protest movements and clashes between demonstrators and security forces, which led to the injury of tens of people, the center of these protests are Bejaia, Sidi Aish, Boumerdes and others… These movements came against the backdrop of decisions taken by the government based on the new budget, which calls for freezing of wages, and an increase of the value-added tax, which is the reason for increase in prices, particularly of the basic materials. These measures demonstrate the bankruptcy of the government, rather the entire state, as it has failed, despite the wealth of the country, to care for the people’s affairs, and was forced once again to international borrowing, this is a colonial mark, with disastrous results known to all – usually borrowing is putting the country in a mortgage and it is accompanied by harsh dictates and conditions for the country, it does not take into account the needs of the people. In addition, Algeria is in a state of political deadlock and stagnation resulting from the conflict of parties centered on “who is deserving of running the country” pending final positioning of “post-Bouteflika”.

The country is living on the impact of the anticipated reactions of the departing team from the decision-making positions, particularly the security apparatus and military. Especially since this team is characterized with evilness and cruelty such as Gen. Tawfiq.

All this is accompanied by a real stagnation of the head of state who enjoys broad powers according to the constitution, but he is disabled and locked up at the disposal of the inner circle, led by his brother, As-Said Bouteflika. It is a circle trying to gain time by Bouteflika’s disease to ward off rivals and competitors to have a smooth transition of power in its favor.

This situation is shameful and not beffiting of Algeria, this giant country that America in particular is trying to seize at any price, through causing of strife, its known and witnessed style such as sectarianism, (terrorism) and coups and so on.

All this is about to fall and the country is haunted by overwhelming popular anger which has its justifications, and has a big Islamic Movement that is suppressed and feels oppressed by the nineties coup.

The real fear now is that this movement is contained, or diverted or is used to let out steam, but the crisis remains.

Therefore these movements must be towards the project of the Islamic Ummah, namely the establishment of the righteous Khilafah on the method of Prophethood, not to allow foreign countries in that cunningly conspire against Algeria, and not to allow the influencing forces in the country to manipulate public opinion, they only want to use the sacrifices of the people as a payback, between rival parties and people of influence.

The ideal solution is that the sincere people move and save Algeria from the fate that we can foresee – Allah forbid – before it is torn like Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Syria and now Turkey is lining up… Is it not safer to anticipate the events and save Algeria from all narrow calculations, so that it rescues itself in this historic sensitive phase? Not only that but to save the entire Ummah; indeed it is capable of this, it is strong and possesses a geography envied by its opponents and enemies, and it is strong with its record of struggle and sacrifices, a few meet its match, it is strong with its dignity, pride and honour, that everyone wishes for, it is strong particularly in taking pride and is honoured by its Islam.

We hope that the rulers of Algeria do not commit the same mistake once again, by suppressing and oppressing the people, and we hope that they do not play again the dirty game of ‘terrorism’ that they played in their country in the nineties of the last century, which cost it hundreds of thousands of dead or missing and injured; they will be accounted for it in details when they stand between the hands of the All-Knowing, the All-Aware.

Take heed, take heed…be bold, be bold O people of influence, you are distracted by petty and minor battles from the mother of all battles that is “Saving the Ummah of Islam and its giant prestigious state: the Khilafah State on the Method of Prophethood”.


Ridha Bel Haj

Member of the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

Thursday, 12th Rabii’ II 1438 AH

10/01/2017 CE

Issue No: 1438 AH / 025