Foreign Policy

Policy Regarding Indian Aggression

Hizb ut Tahrir Wilayah Pakistan has issued the following Publicized Policy Position (PPP) over the aggression by the Hindu state, brought to sharp focus in the recent tensions over the Line of Control. It is being circulated amongst the general masses, influential, media circles, legal fraternity, political and intellectual medium. It is accompanied by a call for the Nussrah (Material Support) from the people of power to Hizb ut Tahrir for the establishment of the Khilafah, so that the practical looking after the affairs of Muslims can begin with immediate effect.

A. PREAMBLE: Hindu aggression is consequence of our support of America’s war

It is the Kayani-Zardari regime’s policies that have bolstered Indian aggression against us, whether in the recent border tensions or previous ones. Since the Clinton era, the regime’s master, America, has wanted to exploit Pakistan to win over India to its sphere of influence, with the promise of the permanent burial of the Kashmir issue, enhancing India’s presence in Afghanistan, strengthening India’s economy by gaining access to our huge market and the reduction of our military capabilities, including our nuclear weapons. As General Musharraf’s right hand man, General Kayani assisted Musharraf in establishing America’s military and intelligence presence to unprecedented levels within our borders, as well as providing the means for establishing and maintaining the American occupation of Afghanistan. Although the beneficiary of the Musharraf-Kayani partnership was America, America promptly opened the doors to the target of its aspirations, India, who now enjoys unprecedented influence within Afghanistan and the opportunity to create chaos within our borders. Moreover, India breathed a sigh of relief as Kashmir was abandoned and our armed forces are now ensnared in America’s war of Fitna, as made clear in Kayani’s revision to the army’s military doctrine in the Green Book. All this is how India has the nerve to look our armed forces in the eye today.

B. POLITICAL CONSIDERATIONS: Factors favoring the return of Muslim dominance over South and Central Asia

B1. America and India’s hold on Afghanistan is purely dependent on Pakistan, its logistical support, its intelligence and its professionally competent armed forces.

B2. The Hindu state is a fragile rule, with a tendency to collapse. It is based on bigotry to the point that there are a myriad of secessionist groups, which seek the division of India. It is incapable of providing security and prosperity to non-Hindus or even Hindus of lower castes.

B3. The Hindu state is energy dependent on the huge gas and oil reserves with the Muslim Lands and upon Pakistan for access to these resources.

B4. Islam is a unifying force for the Muslims of South and Central Asia that are over half a billion in number, of which nearly 200 million are in the Hindu state itself. The combined forces of the Islamic Ummah is approaching six million, those of the Hindu state stand at one million. The call for Khilafah has permeated through Central and South Asia, so the platform for the reunification of the Muslim Lands is in place.

B5. There are many non-hostile non-Muslim states in the region who resent American and Indian aggression on their doorstep. They are also amenable to access to the huge resources of the Muslim Lands.

C LEGAL INJUCTIONS: Pertaining to relations with hostile non-Muslim states, other non-Muslim states and the current Muslim states

C1. To treat hostile non-Muslim states on a war stance. These are nations who have occupied Muslim Land or other acts of similar aggression.

As hizb ut tahrir has declared in its 2013 Manifesto for Pakistan, “States that have occupied Muslim lands or which are involved in active war against Muslims e.g. America, Britain, the Jewish State and India. Relations with these countries will be established upon the basis of Harb Failan (Active War). No diplomatic, economic or cultural relations will be established with such hostile states and nor will the citizens of these states be allowed to enter the Khilafah. Relations with these states will be established on the policy of active war, even if there is temporary cease fire with them. So diplomatic, economic and cultural relations with these states will be continually suspended.

With those states which have not occupied Muslim lands, but they have intentions to occupy Muslim lands. With such countries there will be no diplomatic, trade and cultural relations. However, citizens of these states will be allowed to enter the Khilafah on a single entry visa.”

C2. To regard the current Muslim states as the subject of unification, for the Khilafah is a single state for all Muslims

As hizb ut tahrir has declared in its 2013 Manifesto for Pakistan, “The Khilafah is a system of unity, where Morocco in the West is considered to be the same as Indonesia in the East. It will be the largest state and most resourceful in the world, inshAllah. The Muslims are obliged to live in one State, and be ruled by one Khaleefah… As soon as the Khilafah is established in a single strong country or a strong group of countries, the Khilafah will undertake a plan of unification of all the Muslim countries as one state. A unified Ummah, under one state will have more energy resources, population, lands and soldiers than any of the existing world powers.”

C3. To establish relations with non-hostile non-Muslim states for the purpose of carrying the call to Islam to the entire world

As hizb ut tahrir has declared in its 2013 Manifesto for Pakistan, “Apart from states mentioned above, it will be allowed for the Khilafah to establish relationships with non-belligerent non-Muslim states. Whilst continuously monitoring the international political scenario, the Khilafah will accept and reject agreements to further the call of Islam. Agreements may be economic, diplomatic or cultural in nature, but all these agreements must be according to Islam. The Khilafah state with its immense oil, gas and mineral reserves, powerful army, strategic position in the world, political vision, deep understanding of international political situation and an Ummah with vitality, will avoid political isolation on the world stage and will aspire to acquire the status of the leading nation.”

Note: For the relevant articles in hizb ut tahrir’s Introduction to the Constitution, that has been prepared for immediate implementation in the Khilafah please refer to the following articles for the complete evidences from Quran and Sunnah: 181, 184, 185, 187, 189

D POLICY: The return of Islam’s dominance over the Indian Subcontinent

D1. Closing the supply line to NATO forces in Afghanistan, which is the basis for India increasing its strategic depth. Expelling all American and Indian officials and diplomatic missions from its territories. Ending all energy and trade relations with India and America.

D2. Delivering messages to all Muslim countries for the unification of Muslim Lands as a single Islamic State, in particular to their armed forces to support the people in overthrowing the agent regimes, including Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran, Uzbekistan. Issuing a general call to the Muslim armed forces that the solution to Kashmir and Afghanistan are their liberation and annexation to the rest of the Muslim Lands.

D3. Inciting all non-belligerent states of the region to cut off the opportunities for Hindu and American mischief and offer favourable relations and incentives with the Muslims. Initiate a regional media campaign about what the Khilafah has to offer for its citizens, irrespective of race, gender, religion or school of thought.

January 2013, Rabi ul-Awwal 1434 AH

Hizb ut Tahrir Wilayah Pakistan