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Personality Cult of Emomali Rahmon in Tajikistan

Radio “Ozodi” has informed 2/27/2016 that the Committee for Women Issues of the Gissar district, formed a list of women activists and those who are over 60 years of age who have to “fairly” divide between them 200-meters of textile. It is about a material, which was spread out in deference under the feet of the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, during his visit to Gissar area, where he participated in the construction of the garden. He instructed the officials to allocate 3 meters of the 200 meter fabric each.

We recall that after the announcement of Emomali Rahmon as a national leader, a campaign began to exalt his personality, including among the government officials. For instance, a well-known expert concerning religious issues in the country Abdullah Muhakkik even offered to admit the wife of President Azizamo as a leader of Muslim women in Tajikistan, by comparing her with the mother of the Faithfuls, Aisha (ra). And in some faculties of the Tajik National University a new course entitled “Emomali Rahmon – the architect of the new Tajik state” had been introduced.

How can we judge Rahmon as the ruler – by his achievements for the 23-years of ruling. To date Tajikistan is – the poorest country in Eurasia. In 2012, the United Nations Population Fund has estimated, that more than half of the country’s population lives under the poverty line. According to the analysis of the Carnegie Foundation: a significant half of the population became migrant workers. The World Bank estimated in 2012, remittances provide more than half of the national GDP, and according to the US Agency for International Development, for 30% of the population the situation is critical. Especially difficult accounts of the minors: 12% of children under 5 years have seen a lack of weight, and 26% – have delay of growth and development due to inadequate nutrition. The level of education varies between 88 and 91 place in the world according to the UN.

The people of Tajikistan are primarily Muslims, and they initially showed disgust for the exaltation of the ruler of itself, because in Islam, the ruler – is an ordinary citizen. For example, the righteous Caliph Umar (ra), possessing of a tremendous power, led a modest lifestyle so that when the ambassador of the Byzantine Empire came to Medina and asked residents to show the palace of the ruler of the righteous, the people answered him that their ruler has no palace or castle, as well as the fact that at this time he will most likely be resting in the mosque, because at night time he used to walk through the streets of the city, taking care of its inhabitants. The ambassador of the Byzantine Empire was extremely surprised to hear that the ruler, whose name makes emperors and kings flinch, has a modest way of life. He went to the mosque, where really found a man who was sleeping, lying on the sand in which he was incredibly amazed and shocked.

And all this is not to mention the fact that the tyrant Rahmon rules with man-made laws, accommodates himself in front of disbelief countries by selling them the country for nothing, openly fights against Islam and its attributes, landing Muslims in prison because of the fact that they put the laws of Allah above his laws.

And therefore Rahmon’s place is – in a dustbin of the history, and his prolonged rule time will always be one of the darkest and disgraceful pages in the history of the region.

Omar Farsi

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  1. Central asian dictators glorifying themselves with bizarre personality cults, the worst one was probably “Turkmenbashy” in turkmenistan, who forcefully named the calendar days and months after his family and wrote his own rival to the quran. They are just like Fir’awn who had his enormous self-portrait statues built everywhere. The “ulema” (Scholars for dollars) who endorse them are the modern day Haman and pharoah’s priests who justify religious legitimacy for the tyrant to fool the populations. We really need someone like a new Musa to deal with these new Pharoahs, inshallah the central asian tyrants will meet a similar fate to Firaown.

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