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Persecution of Muslim Women in Kyrgyzstan Continues even during the Covid-19 Pandemic

The State Committee of National Security does not leave alone Muslim women in Kyrgyzstan. Rather, it fabricates cases against them even during the pandemic covid-19.

In Kyrgyzstan, officers of the State Committee of National Security (SCNS) detained six women suspected of membership in “Hizb ut-Tahrir”.

On June 27, the security forces together with officers from the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Naryn region detained six women. According to the State Committee for National Security, the women detained in Naryn are suspected of being active members of the Hizb ut Tahrir organization banned in Kyrgyzstan, which the government has categorised as extremist.

During the search in the houses where the suspects live, books, a tablet with “Hizb ut Tahrir” propaganda materials, laptops, telephone SIM cards and diaries were found. All materials have been sent for examination.

The detainees were placed in temporary detention facility No. 24 in the city of Naryn. The case was registered under the article “Organization of an extremist group” of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic. Pre-trial proceedings have started.

Detention measures were carried out jointly by the SCNS services and the Naryn regional police department.

Additional information from the detainees’ supporters also appeared on social networks. According to them, the women were set up. Some of those arrested are mothers of many children, and also have elderly parents in their care. It is reported that they are under pressure from the security forces.

People wonder, what threat to the state these harmless women can carry. Nowadays there are real problems and real threats in the country, such as the ineffective response of the authorities against the Covid-19 pandemic. Corruption of officials, lack of treatment facilities, fraud, price hikes and a shortage of medicines and ventilators have led to a deplorable situation in the country. Today, Kyrgyzstan has taken one of the leading places in the world in mortality from Covid-19. The people somehow cope with this situation on their own. Against this background, such an action as the arrest of six defenseless Muslim women by the State Committee of National Security is completely incomprehensible and raises many questions, say the supporters of the arrested.

Hizb ut Tahrir is recognized as an extremist organization on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as in a number of post-Soviet countries. Hizb ut Tahrir is an Islamic political party that conducts its activities in many countries of the world, the organization’s program excludes any violent armed actions. Many human rights organizations have recognized those convicted of involvement in Hizb ut Tahrir as political prisoners.


Iman Kyrgyz