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Party’s Manifestos: Status-quo will remain largely unchanged since Islam has been excluded

The race for Kenya’s next president has intensified, with presidential candidates that have been cleared by the country’s electoral body launching manifestos to win more votes of the Aug.9 general election. Raila Odinga who is running the Presidency at the fifth time has unveiled his party’s manifesto early June which is basically on of a revolution of the economy through the distribution of the manufacturing industry. Building at least one new productive industry in the 47 counties has a fairly wider economic ripple effect. His key opponent Deputy President William Ruto who runs for top seat for the first time has done the same on June 30th 2022. Rutos’ manifesto is founded on five major pillars: revival of the country’s economy, lower the cost of living and improving welfare of the youth. Professor Wajackoya has captured nationwide attention when he promised when he pledged to legalize marijuana!

Manifestos are an old tradition where political parties establish ‘contracts’ with the electorate. Like in many other previous manifestos, the plan did not have freshness in ideology. Democratic politicians or parties have the tendency to give promises that are vague and full of the same old issues that the past regimes failed to fulfil. The outgoing ruling Jubilee Party promised to create 1.3 million jobs annually to the unemployed youths but did nothing to fulfill the promises. The reality is Democratic campaigns are financially sponsored by the wealthy capitalists who pour money into the electorates to hoodwink them in order to get puppets elected who will secure their interests.

On legalizing marijuana, this shows how a secular creed has produced politicians who glorify evils and thuggish thoughts. By detaching Religion from the realm of life, Secularism has on board politicians driven by whims and not the Sharia of Allah (swt).

Whoever wins in this election will not drastically and radically change the current harsh situation of the common man. This is due to the fact that leadership in Democracy is just a fallacy and ambition and not a trust of taking care of public interests. The next government will only be bound to corrupt colonialist capitalist policies of exploitation. Democratic elections reveal the façade of Democratic fallacy by giving empty promises in confining progress, reform and the future in the ballot box. Since all manifestos have excluded Islam from the agenda for change, this means the status quo will remain largely unchanged. Islam has a lot to offer but needs to be implemented comprehensively to bring radical change which the whole world should work for it.

Shabani Mwalimu
Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Kenya