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Pakistan’s Rulers Are Surrendering Occupied Kashmir to the Hindu State

So Where are the Men of Truth Who Will Foil their Treacherous Plan?

In his interview with the Indian media channel, “The Wire,” broadcast on 12 October 2020, Dr. Moeed Yusuf effectively conveyed to India the willingness of Pakistan’s rulers to surrender Occupied Kashmir. Declaring economic security and regional connectivity as Pakistan’s top strategic interests, Dr. Moeed Yusuf argued that Kashmir is an obstacle in the pursuit of this agenda. He conveyed that Pakistan is ready to abandon Occupied Kashmir, if India is willing to come to the table. The extent to which Pakistan’s rulers are willing to grant dangerous and humiliating concessions to India is truly treacherous.

Under the current rulers, Pakistan has now conceded to the Indian demand of including “terrorism” in the agenda of India-Pakistan dialogue, whereas previously it had maintained that Kashmir was the only agenda with India. To cover up this concession, Dr. Moeed presented evidences of Indian terrorism in Pakistan to show that Pakistan owned what was in reality India’s demand. Moreover, Dr. Moeed repeatedly asserted that India is dealing with a new Pakistan, which has abandoned Jihad and militant groups and no longer supports the Kashmiri struggle through material means. Repeatedly asserting that Pakistan did not want war and stood for peace, Dr. Moeed complained of India’s hostility towards Pakistan. Is this how you deter a hostile enemy who has unilaterally annexed your territory, is constantly stirring up trouble on the Line of Control and is carrying out acts of sabotage within your country? By assuring it of peace and removing the military option from the table?! Is this the level of the so-called strategic thinking in the Bajwa-Imran regime?!

Abandoning Occupied Kashmir to oppressive Hindu rule is part of the America plan for the region, which the Bajwa-Imran regime blindly follows. It was this American plan which was clearly evident when Dr. Moeed refused to firmly deny that Pakistan was considering giving Gilgit-Baltistan provincial status, even though the Indian journalist reminded him that such a move will give legitimacy to Modi’s annexation of Kashmir on 5th August 2019 and weaken Pakistan’s claim on Occupied Kashmir. It is the US that wants to resolve the Kashmir dispute in India’s favor, making the Line of Control the permanent border so that India can confront China.

O Muslims of Pakistan and their Armed Forces in Particular! The rulers of Pakistan are surrendering Occupied Kashmir, even though it is an Islamic Land that was opened by Muslim armies. These rulers are surrendering Occupied Kashmir to the Hindu State, even though it annexed Occupied Kashmir by force and has no right to do so. The rulers are surrendering Occupied Kashmir even though the Hindu State’s rulers are incapable of desisting from treachery because they hate Muslims and Islam, as is evident throughout India itself. Indeed, the treacherous surrender of the Bajwa-Imran regime has advanced enough and it is time to halt it. It is indeed time for the armed forces to uproot the treacherous Bajwa-Imran regime by extending the Nussrah for the re-establishment of the Khilafah (Caliphate) on the Method of Prophethood, which will liberate all occupied Islamic Lands from lowly enemies.


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Pakistan

Sunday, 01st Rabii’ I 1442 AH

18/10/2020 CE

No: 1442 / 19