Analysis, South Asia

Pakistan Headlines – 18 April 2015

Regime Seeks Only the Pleasure of Colonialist Masters in War and Peace

Prime Minis­ter Nawaz Sharif tried on 13 April to soothe frayed nerves by reassuring Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies over a parliamentary resolution that had called for neutrality in the Yemen conflict. In a short statement made in the evening, the prime minister reiterated his commitment to security of Saudi Arabia, calling it a strategic ally, but without committing to any military engagement in the Gulf region. Mr Sharif, who stood in front of the cameras while some of his ministers and advisers were lined up behind him to provide moral support or endorsement, said, “Pakistan does not abandon friends and strategic partners, especially at a time when their security is under threat.”

The people of Pakistan know well that the regime will only act or abstain upon American commands. Or it will act secretly to fulfil the American plan, hiding as much as it can from the people. Pakistan has been plagued by colonialist agents which have exploited Pakistan’s immense resources for colonialists ends. So when America ordered the agent rulers to fight its superpower competitor Russia during the time of the Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan, the rulers exploited the Ummah’s love for Jihad and Martyrdom and fully supported the mujahideen. When America itself occupied Afghanistan, the agent rulers were mobilized to curb the Ummah’s love for Jihad and Martyrdom and fight the mujahideen. Now America needs to consolidate its position in a restless Middle East again it is the one that is deciding Pakistan’s role, whether openly military role, or covertly military role or political negotiator.

Islam and the Ummah do not enter the calculation of the agents. They only care for their masters, the colonialists. It is high time that they were removed and replaced by a sincere leadership, implementing Islam as a Khilafah state.


Regime Created Electricity Crisis Through Privatization

With electricity shortfall rising to 33 per cent, power sector managers are left with no choice but to violate the prime minister’s directive of restricting loadshedding in urban areas to six hours. According to sources in the National Transmission and Dispatch Company, power generation stood at 9,000MW against a demand of 13,500MW on Monday. With around 1,500MW going to the ‘exempted feeders’, the managers had to increase loadshedding hours in urban centres; otherwise rural areas would have literally gone without power. The suffering of the Muslims under this rotten system of Kufr is endless. As temperatures rise, people suffer particularly at night when they try to sleep. The worst is for those who have succumbed to dehydration or aliments effecting breathing, who sweat or choke through long hot and humid nights. Hospitals are bursting with such cases in these days.

The regime itself is wholly responsible for this crisis and its suffering. It and the puppet regimes proceeding it has consistently privatized the electricity sector, from generation to distribution. Despite installed capacity being greater than the demand, private companies are unable to operate at full capacity as they must secure profits in the face of rising fuel prices, large taxation and huge debt that the government owes them as part of a huge circular debt.

Islam alone can end this misery. It does not leave energy to the hands of private companies who must operate on a profit basis. Islam stipulates that electricity is a public property whose benefit is for the Ummah. The Khilafah state will supervise the power sector upon its impending return soon inshaaAllah. Any profit is ploughed back into looking after the Ummah’s affairs, including increasing efficiency of units and preventing line distribution loss. May Allah سبحانه وتعالى answer the dua of the oppressed soon and end the criminal regime and restore Islam as a complete way of life, a second Khilafah Rashida on the methodology of RasulAllah صلى الله عليه وسلم.


Regime Fails to Cut the Head of the Snake of Bloodshed in Pakistan

During a trip to Balochistan on 15 April 2015, where he visited Frontier Corps headquarters and met Balo­chistan Governor Mohammad Khan Achakzai, Chief Minister Abdul Malik Baloch and Commander Southern Com­mand Lt Gen Mohammad Naseer Khan Janjua and discussed the security situation with them, General Raheel Sharif said, “We will unearth terrorists, abettors, sympathisers and financiers. None will find place in the country to hide. We will go to any length to restore the writ of the state.” “The army chief warned foreign states, intelligence agencies against trying to destabilise Pakistan,” the military spokesman Maj Gen Asim Bajwa quoted the army chief as saying.

It is well-known to the Muslims in general and the armed forces in particular that America and India are working to organize and support the acts of violence against our armed forces and our citizens of different ethnicities, schools of thoughts and religions. However, what is clear from the beginning of the National Action Plan, is that the regime has done nothing to cut the head of the snake of these brutal acts. The regime has done nothing about the diplomatic missions of the hostile foreigners which are used as bases to meet and groom agents. In fact the Indian High Commission in Islamabad remains fully operational and the US Embassy is undergoing a huge expansion such that it will be the world’s second largest US embassy in the world, second only to the US embassy in Iraq, which is a country under occupation! As for the American private military and intelligence, the Raymond Davis, network its operatives remain free to live and work throughout Pakistan.

Only the Khilafah will secure Pakistan by acting decisively to eradicate the head of the snake in Pakistan, closing all hostile foreign diplomatic missions and expelling all hostile operatives.


Regime Proceeds Further Along American Plan for Yemen

The government said on 16 April 2015 it had assured Saudi Arabia of its support in enforcing the United Nations Security Council’s arms embargo on Houthi militia and forces loyal to former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh, which could entail a role for the Pakistan Navy. The commitment was conveyed to the Saudi leadership by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif who visited the kingdom on 15 April as special envoy of the prime minister, along with Adviser on Foreign Affairs and National Security Sartaj Aziz, Chief of General Staff Lt Gen Ashfaq Nadeem and Foreign Secretary Aizaz Chaudhry. Speaking to Dawn on the background, a key government figure said a separate announcement would be made by the government about committing its naval vessels for the purpose. UNSC resolution provides Islamabad an opportunity to contribute to action against Yemeni rebels “We are looking at how many ships can be spared,” he said, adding that two Pakistan Navy vessels were already in the region conducting anti-piracy operations as part of the Combined Task Force 151.

Thus the regime has created two pretexts for military intervention, one is protection of Saudi Arabia and the second is enforcement of the UN embargo. This is exactly according to the American plan. America has supported the Houthis through its proxy Iran but later realized that the Houthis found themselves in a shambles. They had extended themselves across Yemen, but were unable to either successfully dominate or to return to their stronghold in the north. America therefore decided to save them through limited military action, by which she seeks to hit two birds with one stone: to show them as victims, after the people had begun to see them as aggressors; and to create the atmosphere for emergency negotiations, to come thereby to a compromise solution. This is America’s well-trodden path, with respect to what she is unable to take alone.

For too long have the Muslims seen the regimes slumber when Muslims need their help in Kashmir, Palestine and other places, but awaken and become active when the colonialists need help. InshaaAllah the Khilafah will end this treachery decisively soon.