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Pakistan Headlines – 15 August 2015

Rangers Must Seal US Consulate in Karachi to Secure Peace

The Chief Minister of Sindh extended on 8 August 2015 ‘special powers’ granted to Rangers in Karachi for another four months hours before the last such extension was to expire, allowing the paramilitary force to stay in the city to help police and civil administration. A statement issued by the CM House said the powers of the Pakistan Rangers, Sindh, had been extended for 120 days under the Anti-Terrorism Act. The powers were due to expire on Saturday night. “The chief minister has expressed the hope that Rangers will continue to do their job with enthusiasm.”

The Rangers are doing their best to secure peace in the troubled city of Karachi. However, the regime has failed to stop the flow of violence from its source, which is the foreign intelligence and private military. It is well known within military and private military circles that foreign agencies are orchestrating a campaign of Pakistan and several officials have raised concern regarding CIA, MI6 and RAW. Unless the local infrastructure of the hostile states is dismantled the Rangers are being sent into a perpetual conflict. So one must ask, why is the regime not directing our police, paramilitary and military to eradicate the foreign hostile assets, including diplomatic missions which are used as listening posts and spy recruitment centres.

Moreover, America has been demanding operations in Karachi, for it has a great role in the Jihad against the Americans in Afghanistan. Karachi has the world’s largest population of Pushtoon, more than even Kabul or Peshawar, who have strong relations with the fighting Pushtoon of the tribal areas. And since Pakistan’s formation, Karachi is a grand center for the teaching of Islam and all its obligations, including Jihad against the Kuffar. That is why America’s agents in Pakistan’s leadership have launched an extensive and long campaign in Karachi and imposed a draconian law that gives legal cover for abduction, the Pakistan Protection Ordinance. They claim their actions are against kidnappers, extortionists and target killers, but they are actually a cover to assassinate, abduct, arrest or silence those who either fight or call for Jihad against America, including several key fighter commanders and Ulema. And the criminal regime maintains this lie, even though to end the bloodshed in Karachi only requires a few days, by sealing the American consulate and rounding up the personnel of America’s Raymond Davis network.

To secure peace in Karachi mandates the return of the Khilafah upon the method of the Prophethood, the only state which will deal with belligerent states with a war stance.


Securing American Raj in Af-Pak Region is Treason

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani telephoned Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on 9 August. During the conversation which lasted about 10 minutes, the reconciliation process with the Taliban in Afghanistan also came under discussion, said a press release. In a related development, the United States reached out to President Ghani to assure him of its continued support as the Taliban killed almost 80 people in two days of violence in Afghanistan. US National Security Advisor Susan E. Rice telephoned President Ghani on Saturday evening to assure him that “the United States and our international partners remain committed to the Afghan Government of National Unity in its efforts to achieve a stable, secure, and prosperous Afghanistan,” the White House said on Sunday. And Assistant to the US President for Homeland Security and Counter-terrorism Lisa Monaco called Afghan National Security Adviser Hanif Atmar and offered a similar assurance, the White House said.

The agents of America in Afghanistan and Pakistan are working for reconciliation in order to grant security for a continued American presence in Afghanistan. It is all occurring under the U.S.-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Agreement, officially titled Enduring Strategic Partnership Agreement between Afghanistan and America, an agreement between Afghanistan and the United States of America that provides the long-term framework for the relationship between Afghanistan and the United States of America after the drawdown of U.S. forces in the Afghanistan war. This framework includes a continued crusader presence on the door step of the world’s only Muslim nuclear power as it provides for access to and use of Afghan facilities by US personnel beyond 2014, granting the United States the possibility of keeping forces in Afghanistan after 2014 for purposes of training Afghan forces and targeting al-Qaida as well as non-Commitment by the U.S. to any specific troop levels or funding levels in the future!

Pursuant to this framework, Afghanistan and the United States signed the Bilateral Security Agreement on September 30, 2014 in at the Presidential Palace in Kabul, Afghanistan. On that day the NATO Status of Forces Agreement was also signed, giving forces from Allied and partner countries the legal protections necessary to carry out the NATO Resolute Support Mission beyond 2014. So, 9,800 American and at least 2,000 NATO troops are allowed to remain in Afghanistan after the international combat mission formally ended on December 31, 2014, asides from tens of thousands of private military contractors. Most of the troops will remain under the guise of training the Afghan security forces, although some American Special Operations forces will remain to conduct counterterrorism missions. The NATO-led ISAF mission will transition to a training mission headquartered in Kabul with six bases around the country. Under the BSA the United States are allowed to have bases at nine separate locations across Afghanistan. A base in Jalalabad, in eastern Afghanistan, remains a launching point for armed drone missions in Afghanistan and across the border in Pakistan. The negotiations are all to secure this continuous crusader threat within striking distance of Pakistan’s nuclear assets. Their facilitation is no less than an act of treason.


Economic Revival Requires Heavy Industry

Pakistan’s merchandise trade deficit rose by 34.62 per cent to $1.773 billion in the first month (July) of this fiscal year (2015-16) as compared to $1.317bn a year ago, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) data said on 10 August 2015. In 2014-15, the trade deficit surged to a record $22.095bn as compared to $19.963bn in the preceding year, an increase of 10.68pc. In July 2015, Pakistan’s exports fell by over 16.9pc to $1.598bn as compared to $1.923bn in the same month last year. Exports in 2014-15 also witnessed a decline of 4.88pc to $23.885bn as compared to $25.110bn in the preceding year. The country’s exports have been stagnant at $24-25bn for the last few years. The Ministry of Commerce has constituted a committee, headed by Commerce Secretary, to arrest the declining trend of exports.

There is a far graver matter than trade deficit alone, which is the poor profile of industry in Pakistan. Consider that during rapid industrialization or stimulation of new areas of economy, there may be periods of trade deficit, as new expensive technologies may need importing from abroad initially. However, any responsible government must ensure that over time the nation is capable of producing its own heavy machinery, electronics and weaponry of appropriate quality and quantity. The major powers of the world have this capability, whereas the so-called developing world, including the Muslim World, is devoid of this. This is no accident, but by design. The major powers nurture agents within the ruling elite of the Muslim World to ensure that there is never a fundamental and lasting transfer of technology. Continuous dependency is ensured and the developing world remains undeveloped for decades. In the case of Pakistan, in addition, the government chokes what industry there is with huge taxation and shortages in energy. Tens of thousands of industrial units became sick and then died.

The Khilafah state is a state which has the responsibility of conveying the Deen of Islam to the entire world. It seeks to be the leading state in the world. In the time of RasulAllah ﷺ, he ensured that the Muslims became proficient in industry and weapons manufacture in a short period of time. For centuries, the Muslims led the entire world in critical areas of industry, in some cases by centuries. The Khaleefah of today will seek do the same inshaaAllah.


Independence Sacrifices Demand the Return of the Khilafah

President Mamnoon Hussain while addressing a high-level gathering of civilian and military officials to celebrate Independence Day celebrations at the Convention Centre on 14 August said Pakistan will not compromise “if there is any threat to territorial sovereignty.” He said the country had been in a state of war and under threat from both internal and external forces. He praised the Pakistan Army for its sacrifices, and also mentioned the students of Peshawar’s Army Public School who, he said, sacrificed their lives for the country. “Operations [against these elements] will continue,” the President said adding that “The nation supports the government and Army in the fight against terrorism.” Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif, Defence Minister Khawaja Asif and National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq were also present.

On this day, 14 August, the Muslims remember the enormous sacrifices made for establishing a state in the name of Islam, in the lands of Pakistan, the Pure, the Good. As for what we face today, Islam remains the beating heart of our being as individuals and as a Muslim people. However, we are restless before a new oppression, a new Raj, an American Raj, which seeks to lay to waste the historical and momentous sacrifice of our forefathers. Traitors within the ranks of the military and political leadership, the ignoble sons of Mir Sadiq and Mir Jafir, have condemned our armed forces to fighting America’s war against those who resist its occupation in Afghanistan. These traitors allow the presence of evil hordes of Raymond Davis’s to arrange bomb blasts and attacks, such as the Peshawar Army Public School, whilst leaving the American embassies, consulates and bases secure and safe to carry out their mischief. Blindly executing the orders of the Kuffar and their capitalism, whilst throwing the Shariah rules behind their backs, these traitors have laid waste to our economy despite our abundant resources. As for the Hindu state to which these traitors ask us to make peace with at the behest of Washington, its small ruling elite continues to oppress the Indian masses through the scourge of capitalism, desperate to draw on Pakistan’s strength through “normalization” to shore up its fragile, factionalized and fragmented entity.

The practical realization of the sacrifices of our forefathers is the Khilafah, a state which will rule by all that Allah سبحانه وتعالى has revealed.