Only under Khilafah can Pakistan be Liberated from being America’s Bait for India


On 13th March 2014, the Advisor to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs, Mr. Sartaj Aziz said while talking to British newspaper, The Telegraph, that “his efforts to ease tensions with India would not be affected by Mr Modi becoming prime minister”. He further said that “let’s not forget that the last time we had a breakthrough in our relationship was also with a BJP government. Mr Vajpayee was from the BJP”.


Even before the oath taking of his office as Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif sent very clear signals that his government will do whatever it can to normalize relations with neighboring India. After assuming office, his government expedited the pace of talks for removing barriers on bilateral trade and to grant India MFN (Most Favorite Nation) status. Also his government is negotiating for importing 500 to 1000 MW electricity from India, who is itself facing an electricity crisis.

Since the creation of Pakistan, India has been hostile towards Pakistan and wasted no opportunity to harm it. Pakistan responded against it onslaught whether through defence, economic and other fields, till the end of Cold War. During the Cold War Pakistan was an important ally of US in order to stop the influence of Soviet Russia in this region, whilst India was a major recipient of Soviet arms and took a so called Non-Aligned position, which was a cover for her actual stance, which was following the British by means of strong British ties to the Congress Party. During that period, US used Pakistan and the Kashmir issue, as a stick against India in order to snatch India from Britain into its sphere. But after the end of Cold War and the collapse of Soviet Russia, US changed its tactic from stick to carrot regarding India. During the administration of Bill Clinton, the US changed his stance regarding Kashmir from being a disputed territory and an international problem, to a dispute between Pakistan and India which should be resolved through bilateral dialogue, instead of enforcing a UN resolution.

So as US changed its position from covert hostility to overt friendship, its agents in Pakistan also changed Pakistan’s posture from defiance, to acting as a US bait in order to gain India to the US sphere. The Congress-led government since 2004 has meant that the US has not been able to move forward on this path as quickly as it wanted. But as elections are going to take place in India in the coming month of April and it is expected that BJP under the leadership of Modi, the Butcher of Gujrat, will be able to form the government. So US is hopeful to bring India in her sphere, as the BJP is backed by US. And ultimately America hopes to create a regional bloc dominated by India, in order to encircle China and contain China’s influence in Asia Pacific.

Therefore, Sartaj Aziz’s statement that last time we had a breakthrough in our relationship was also with a BJP government is not a surprise. Rather it proves that the traitors in the political and military leadership are waiting eagerly for BJP’s win, so that they will move quickly to seduce India for the benefit of US. They have already have worked hard to change the narrative that the biggest threat for Pakistan is India. Now the traitors in the political and military leadership are trying hard to build new narrative that in order to bring economic prosperity to the region Pakistan and India must set aside their differences, particularly over the Kashmir issue, and forge strong economic ties.

As we have seen, following US instructions for the last 67 years did not make Pakistan’s economy stronger or self reliant. Instead our economy was exploited by America to shore up its own economy and now that is more than ever before, as America faces economic meltdown. Similarly by making Pakistan’s economy subservient to India will not bring riches, rather it will make Pakistan’s economy more dependent on India’s whims and desires. Thus Pakistan has been reduced to being the bait, a market of 180 million people, which the US is offering to India in order to bring India to its sphere.

Only the Khilafah will change Pakistan stature from that of a US bait for India. These Muslims Lands will arise under the Khilafah, due to an independent foreign policy based on Islam that treats the enemies as enemies and establishes supremacy for Islam. As for Kashmir and other occupied lands, Islam obliges us to take back Islamic territories from the enemy, at any cost and no matter how much we have to wait for it.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut-Tahrir by

Shahzad Shaikh

Deputy to the Spokesman of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Wilayah Pakistan