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Only the Unity of the Ummah has the Power to Cut the United Kuffar down to size!

Austria introduced a headscarf ban in primary schools. France’s never-ending war against the headscarf has reached its latest extension in banning mothers with Islamic headscarves from accompanying children on school trips. Germany is currently discussing to introduce a law to ban pupils from fasting during Ramadan. We have to mention that the number, where pupils in Germany and Austria, who are forced by their non-Muslim teachers, classmates and their parents to break their fast has increased and the pressure intensified during the last years and in particular this year. These attacks, the marginalisation and humiliation against Muslim pupils are carried out both by law and informally, in a very clear and systematic manner. (Agencies)


The Kafir West’s fight is and has never been the Hijab or the Fasting. The Kuffar across the world have united to fight against Islam. However, the Kafir is a Coward! It is due to this cowardliness that they are even afraid to admit that they are fighting Islam, and thus they seek to conceal their true aim through these trivial laws and bans. For they know too well, that the moment they clearly say “Islam” instead of headscarf and fasting, the whole Ummah will wake up and rise at once!

It is not the Kuffar’s oppressions that constitute the true danger for the Muslims. Even if all the Kuffar powers jointly reject the Muslim’s right to existence, not only through the ban of the hijab or fasting, and even Muslim names, still it is not the true threat and danger that the Muslims face. The true danger arises when some replaceable, unimportant idealist democratic advocates of human rights and freedoms start to defend the Muslims’ rights. They do not defend the Muslims’ rights. They are struggling to defend their orphaned hollow ideals. Besides, neither the headscarf, the fasting, the prayer nor any Islamic provision is a “right” of the Muslims, rather it is a command by the Lord of the Worlds upon the Muslims. Muslims do not claim any rights from anyone in order to fulfil the command of Allah (swt)! On the contrary, fufilling any of the commands of Allah is an honor, pride and pleasure for every Muslim! This is not a right, it is a matter of life or death!

And this is what poses the true threat. One or two democratic, secular, freedom-loving, human-rights-loving mortals, in particular non-Muslims, who have no guaranteed place in this world, in their country, not even in their neighbourhood, yet attempt to talk on behalf of the Muslims and Islam, can never appease our souls or give us hope. Those, who are in the front rows in applauding them and who encourage their applause, are Muslim statesmen and military officers, who were obliged to protect the lives and assets of the Muslims. Through their applauses these miserables aim at binding the Muslims to hollow hopes and dreams, all in accordance with their Western kafir masters’ demands. They seek to keep the Muslim Ummah asleep through lullabies of protecting the Muslim woman’s headscarf and rights, and the like…

However, there is only one power to cut the united Kuffar down to size. And that is the unity of the Muslims! The title and system of this unity is called the Second Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) upon the Method of Prophethood! So, are we really to rely on someone (something) whose existence and non-existence is indifferent? Or are we going to hold on tightly to the rope of Allah the Almighty in order to materialize ─░slam and to revive the Muslims?


Zehra Malik