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News Headlines 04/09/2019

  • Imran Khan, No War with India
  • Taliban Show US Who’s Boss
  • Western Powers may be held responsible for War Crimes in Yemen

Imran Khan, No War with India

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has pledged that his country would not initiate any military conflict with India, warning of the risk to the world of nuclear war breaking out between the South Asian neighbours as tensions over the disputed region of Kashmir remain at fever pitch. “We are two nuclear-armed countries, if tensions rise then there is a danger to the world from this,” Khan said at the International Sikh Convention in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore on Monday. “From our side, we will never act first.” The Imran Khan regime has pursued a strategy of non-action since India’s annexation of 60% of Kashmir. Whilst the Ummah wants military intervention, Imran Khan is busy calling for negotiation with India. Whilst the Ummah wants to see the Muslims in Kashmir liberated, Imran Khan talks of going to the international community. The Ummah weighs up the honour of the people of Kashmir, Imran Khan talks of economic considerations. The Ummah wants to see action and now Imran Khans talks about how this will lead to nuclear war. It is clear the feelings of the Ummah and the regime are diametrically opposite.

Taliban Show US Who’s Boss

As US representative Zalmay Khalilzad announced a peace deal “in principle” on a peace deal between the US and the Taliban. The deal reportedly includes a withdrawal of 5,000 of the 14,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan over 135 days. All of this is taking place as the Taliban carried out a large and audacious attack on the northern town of Kunduz showing the US who’s in control. Recent sticking points have been America’s announcement that the CIA would maintain a presence in the country, this most likely includes India maintaining a presence in North Afghanistan too. This in effect means the Taliban are merely a South Afghan faction and will never control the whole country. The large attack in Kunduz by the Taliban clearly shows the Taliban has can reach the very north non-Pashtun areas of the country. Despite all the turning and equipment provide to the Afghan’s security forces, the Taliban have shown they can reach all over the country.

Western Powers may be held responsible for War Crimes in Yemen

The UK, US, France and Iran may be complicit in possible war crimes in Yemen over their support for parties to the conflict there, UN experts say. A new report warns the countries they could be held responsible for aiding or assisting the commission of violations. The Western powers provide weapons and logistical support to the Saudi-led coalition backing Yemen’s government, while Iran backs the Houthi rebels. The experts say both sides continue to commit violations with impunity. Their report documents air strikes on civilian infrastructure, indiscriminate shelling, snipers, landmines, as well as arbitrary killings and detention, torture, sexual and gender-based violence, and the impeding of access to humanitarian aid in the midst of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. The UN says the four-year conflict has claimed the lives of at least 7,290 civilians and left 80% of the population – 24 million people – in need of humanitarian assistance or protection, including 10 million who rely on food aid to survive. One only has to look at the lies that wee concocted over Iraq to see that the UN may write reports, but its masters will never allow it to be tried over its crimes.