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New Arrests of Muslims in Bashkortostan On Charges of Affiliation to Hizb ut Tahrir

On Friday 9/2/2017, Security Forces in the city of Ufa carried out inspections and arrests of Muslims on charges of affiliation to Hizb ut Tahrir. We have learned that so far of the arrest of nine people accused of organizing and participating in the activities of a terrorist organization based on Article 205.5 of the Federal Constitution of Russia. Those arrested were: Zinellin Ruslan, Naimov Artyom, Mammadov Battier, Abdurahmanov Orwal, Aliyev Orwal, and Zripov Artur, they were placed in solitary confinement in the city Diortol. There is also another person who was arrested, but his name and place are still not known until now.

Also recently Muslims were arrested in the city of Salavat and Stirleetmak in 2016, the security services do not rush in updating the media of the filed lawsuits, nor do they inform it of the details of the inspections and detentions that it carries out. The reason behind this silence on the arrest of Muslims charged of belonging to Hizb ut Tahrir is probably due to a change in the Article of the Federal Constitution of Russia regarding the participation in the activities of a terrorist organization because it does not match and the activities of the global Islamic Party which known as a political party.

Note that the charges which are not based on the work with Hizb ut Tahrir made the Memorial Centre record the presence of more than 30 political prisoners of the Muslims of Bashkortostan, thus, if the security services were able to mislead people like in the past of the fight against Hizb ut Tahrir as being a war on ‘terrorism’, they will find it difficult today to hide the political face of these persecutions.

And tomorrow, with Allah’s help, Russia will find itself forced to recognize its mistake in its hostile policy to Islam, and will acknowledge that the truth of its persecution of Muslims today will be the reason for the spiritual revival of its people.


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Russia

Sunday, 15th Jumada I 1438 AH

12/02/2017 CE

REF: 1438 AH/05