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Natural Disasters get worse in the absence of the Khilafah

A CNN news report 5 days after the Turkish earthquake warned of a worsening disaster outside of the initial collapse of infrastructure in the regions bordering Syria. The cold weather and rain with limited food, medical and water supplies entering the region means many will die needlessly. Shelter is a key factor affecting the rates of survivors at risk of hypothermia in the freezing winter conditions. Syrians are particularly at risk as the UN has upheld a VETO on aid entering the affected areas. Russia and China have used their positions to block 3 of the 4 entry points into the Syrian border drastically hampering the assistance that can be given to the thousands of women and children who have become homeless and have already stringent resources available to them.

The idea that a non-Islamic entity is in charge of whether Muslims receive life changing assistance or none is a forbidden state of affairs and is not accepted by Allah (swt).

The number of survivors is already miraculous with much more dead than those that made it out of collapsed buildings. To think that after all they have endured they would actually die due to something that was completely preventable is a horror greater than the earthquake itself.

Speaking at a press conference in Geneva, WHO incident response manager Robert Holden warned there were “…a lot of people” surviving “out in the open, in worsening and horrific conditions. We’ve got major disruptions to basic water supplies, we’ve got major disruption to fuel, electricity supplies, communication supplies, the basics of life. We are in real danger of seeing a secondary disaster which may cause harm to more people than the initial disaster if we don’t move with the same pace and intensity as we are doing on the search and rescue side.”

The scale of the challenge is amplified by the fact that affected areas in both Turkey and Syria are facing colder than normal temperatures. For example, the Syrian city of Aleppo is forecast to have lows of -3°C to -2°C (27°F to 28°F) through this weekend, whereas February lows are normally warmer.

4 days after the earthquake, the Bab al-Hawa crossing – the only humanitarian aid corridor between Turkey and Syria was allowed to be opened. “How are roads okay for cars carrying bodies, but not for aid?” Mazen Alloush, Bab al-Hawa’s frustrated spokesperson had asked CNN. Abu Muhammad Sakhour, a former merchant, is volunteering as a nurse in the rebel-held city of Idlib, dressing wounds for quake victims and checking up on the injured who have been discharged from crowded hospitals.

“The situation is catastrophic in every sense of the word,” he said. “We are now healing our own wounds.” For the vulnerable such as pregnant women, elderly, newborns and children, the hours spent in such conditions can be enough to cause death from exposure and weakness.

This matter of life and death is one that cannot be debated or left at the hands of votes casted by the enemies of Islam. What is actually happening here is the evil of nations voting whether people live to die. The Khilafah (Caliphate) and leader of Islam would never accept such as reality due to his accountability to send help to all in the region, including the non-Muslim citizens. No excuse can be given to not resume the Khilafah as a matter of immediate urgency before the next natural disasters occur and our Ummah are left with only dua’ to Allah (swt)!

Imrana Mohammad
Member of the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

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