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NATO Secures the Western Democracies, But Who Will Secure the World from Such Democracy

Much media attention has been given this week to the childish antics of the so-called world leaders gathered in the NATO conference which took place in Britain this week. While the petty disputes and fragile egos of these vain politicians have been given a lot of coverage, the real story is the irrelevance of NATO. In reality, the summit was little more than a gathering of colonialists and their agents who are out of touch with the world’s people.

Their ailing organisation claims to act to ensure the world’s security, but it cannot define a strategy or cohesive direction as its member nations are riven by mutual rivalry. Like a pack of hyenas, they have banded together for common interests, nourishing themselves on the misery of different regions and peoples around the world. Wherever NATO has acted in concert over the last 20 years, whether Afghanistan or Libya, one can only find a trail of destruction and misery.

These allies are the source of anguish for the world, due to their adoption of the capitalist ideology, which makes all their decisions revolve around material benefits, and turning people in society into either predators or prey. Now that their economies are struggling, and their grip on different regions of the world is weakening, the pack of hyenas are starting to turn on each other. As well as increasing their conflicts and trade disputes, the different NATO states are working to create new external partnerships and relationships, and hence they are sidelining their own semi-defunct organisation.

The US at times uses the spread of “terrorism”, the rise of China, or the threat of Russia to appeal to Europe to support NATO and rally behind US leadership. The erratic behaviour of President Donald Trump is intended to cajole the Europeans into contributing more to the alliance. At the same time, however, the different powers of Europe are looking to cut their own deals with other powers of the world in order to open new markets and alliances. Struggling with increasing political instability and stagnating economies, these fading powers are becoming more desperate in their rivalry.

NATO has served America well over the years; preventing post-war Europe developing on a military-industrial basis which would ultimately rival it in the world, and keeping Russia from expanding its influence after the collapse of the USSR. It has effectively been the Marshall Plan for the 21st century. The former American Secretary of State Warren Christopher said in 1994 that “the NATO alliance will remain the anchor of American engagement in Europe and the linchpin of transatlantic security. That is why we must keep it strong, vital, and relevant. For the United States and its allies, NATO has always been far more than a transitory response to a temporary threat. It has been a guarantor of European democracy and a force for European stability. That is why its mission endures even though the Cold War has receded into the past.” That commitment to using it as a tool for American hegemony has not changed, despite the erratic outbursts of Trump from time to time. Furthermore, in spite of Russia’s military and economic weakness today, its threat to Europe is still exaggerated by America to justify the continued existence of NATO, lessening the desire for deeper European integration, particularly in the area of security.

Despite the vaunted claims that they make for their liberal ideology, it is a historical fact that rivalries between the Capitalist powers led to the outbreak of the two bloodiest wars in human history. The 20th century was also scarred by the proxy wars initiated by the Capitalist states in their rivalry with each other and the Communists.

It is therefore high time that the world turned away from this toxic ideology, which taints every facet of human life with its pursuit of profit above all other values.

It is also high time for the emergence of a new form of political leadership, which seeks material progress but also expands its global influence in tandem with the spread of ethical, spiritual and humanitarian values. The world has become in dire need of the emergence of the Khilafah Rashida (Caliphate) state, on the method of Prophethood, to provide this leadership.


Yahya Nisbet

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Britain

Sunday, 11th Rabii’ II 1441 AH

08/12/2019 CE

Ref. 1441 AH / 10